Director from the Outside: Good Governance Inspired by Democratic Values

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Xlibris Corporation, Aug 1, 2006 - Political Science - 356 pages
The theme of the book is NEWS every day - due to Globalisation, INTERNET and a lack of ability to reform - and due to fact that platforms of power and adjacent positions are at stake. This is a fact whether it concerns a Corporation, a Nation - or an International Body for Relief and Development supposed to serve a higher end. Two women and two men met to address ethics and enterprise. It became a Voyage for Continuity and resulted in the writing of a trilogy. This book follows up a trilogy: "Voyage for Continuity - the Altruistic Gene." It explains the need of "pro-active guardians of pluralism"; namely, the elected and thereby legitimate persons in vital positions on bodies of governance like a Senate, a Commission and a Supervisory Board. The Challenge of altruistic senators / independent commissioners / outside directors is to serve- and to assure (even the Adversaries of Pluralism): *Transparency and Enlightenment / Fair Play and Separation of the Roles; *Institutional Development and free Access to adequate Public Basic Infrastructure; *Gender Equality; *Protection of the Positive- and the Negative Rights of the Citizen *Proper Representation of the Needs- and the Interests of the Atomist. There must be Protection of the elected "Pro-Active Guardians of Pluralism" - whether the Adversaries of Pluralism like it - or not. Progress of the above factors can build Public Trust - and prevent that the Main Parties at play (each- and everyone) will cater for themselves. The Majority of Mankind fears Obscurantism and its Consequences. Obscurantism = the "holding back" in self-interest - can be found everywhere. This book focuses on the Role of an Outside Director in a Legal Entity or aPublic Infrastructure Activity, but the same professional standards apply to the elected Independent Commissioner and the elected Altruistic Senator - they are "Pro-active Guardians of Pluralism." The book is a commemoration of a female professional, who died alone and unprotected, because she became a risk to a multi-role corporate powerhouse with something sinister to hide. They could not let her witness - she would not let herself become a hostage and an accomplice to their scam. Stances for Pluralism, Transparency and Enlightenment need Protection, since the individual Director / Commissioner / Senator is a visible and simple Target for the diverse, powerful "Obscurantists" (French = the Partisans of Obscurantism) - and if so, then we / you / I are also at risk - or we are all losing indirectly... The book sketches a roadmap to healthier democracies, which are robust enough to let populism, fundamentalism and extremism play their tunes subject to no violation of the rights of innocent bystanders, potential- and existing followers. It advocates dialogue, but not the illusion of one consensus based on the leading sentences of central player(s) - for the benefit of a hidden agenda or pure self-interest. The roadmap contains parallel, reinforcing initiatives for reform and improvement of International Movements (like the religious ones) and Intl. Organizations, like United Nations and its Network of Member Nations - as well as of Unions of Nations, like the EU. It is a model of thought for pluralism and transparency, inspired by democratic values. The Goal and the final Test: The Say of the Electorate shall prevail, when Election-day is over. It shall do so by means of fit and properRepresentation and pro-active Protection of the Atomist ( = an individual without influence alone).

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