Discovering Babylon

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Routledge, Aug 13, 2018 - Babylon (Extinct city) - 188 pages
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Beginning discovery -- Touring Babylon : the year 2000 -- In pursuit of Babylon -- Biblical Babylon -- A tale of beginnings -- Traditions and interpretations -- What did the tower look like? -- A different biblical tale about Babel -- The exile : a foundational trauma -- Judgment on Babylon -- The evil kingdom of Babylon -- The end times -- An alternate tradition : Babylon as metropolis -- European visions of Babylon -- Medieval tower building -- The world expands -- Babylon as symbol -- Ad fontes? Babylon of the Greeks -- Discovering Babylon of antiquity -- Herodotus' Babylon -- Queen Semiramis and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon -- Netherlandish tower mania 1563-1650 -- The emergence of scientifically correct tower images -- Seeing through biblical spectacles -- Babylon, the exotic, and the apocalypse -- History in reverse : the conflation of art and science -- The discovery of Mesopotamia -- Mesopotamia : ancient Iraq -- Cuneiform : the world's first script -- Assyria : the discovery of the past and Europe's national interests -- Paul-Émile Botta -- Austen Henry Layard -- The kings and palaces receive names -- Assyria inscribes itself into world history -- The library of Assurbanipal and Hormuzd Rassam's feats -- Babylonia, finally! -- Pioneer excavations in the south and the hunt for tablets -- Human history in a new perspective -- The city of Babylon -- The Germans arrive : excavating Babylon -- Major discoveries : the Ishtar gate, the processional way, and the temple of Marduk -- The encounter between the old and the new Babylon -- From the sources of Babylon -- Early cultures in Mesopotamia -- "Beer and bread" -- Ancient Sumer : the source of Babylonian culture -- Babylon : the center of the world -- The Amorites and the Old Babylonian Kingdom : Babylon's first era of greatness -- The temple of the gods : a key institution in ancient Babylonia -- Hammurabi, the righteous king -- The code of Hammurabi -- Work and society -- Hammurabi unites southern Mesopotamia -- A literary canon -- Gilgamesh : in pursuit of immortality -- The middle Babylonian period : the international age -- The first world literature -- Family life -- Regional collapse -- Babylon's city god Marduk -- Enuma Elish : in praise of Marduk -- Assyrian dominance -- Wise men of the east -- The Chaldean Empire : Babylon's last flowering -- The end of Babylon -- Babylon after the Babylonians : between Persians and Greeks -- A center of Jewish culture -- Mystery and reality? -- Babel and Bible -- The Bible was right -- A Babylonian flood story! -- George Smith and the Babylonian creation myth -- The Bible as interpretative key -- Growing unease -- A changing Europe -- Babel and Bible : controversy and reactions -- Babylon's resurrection -- From Babylon to Berlin -- Babylon recreated -- The excavation of Babylon and German ambition -- Visualizing Babylon -- Beyond the propaganda of Saddam's Babylon -- Art, culture and the new Babylon -- Back to the future -- "The invisible enemy" -- Back to Babylon -- The tower stands firm -- The evil empire lives on -- Babylon of the end times : apocalypse now -- The Chaldeans : the last Babylonians -- Hanging gardens and the heritage of ancient Greece -- New wonders : the Ishtar Gate and the processional way -- Appendix 1. Ancient texts referred to in the book -- Appendix 2. Major deities in ancient Babylonian religion -- Appendix 3. Time table -- Appendix 4. Important dates in the history of Babylon

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Rannfrid Thelle is Assistant Professor in the Department of Women¿s Studies and Religion at Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas, USA.

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