Discovering Favor With God

Destiny Image Publishers, 1 jan. 2005 - 182 pagina's
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This book is full of good news and real possibilities. You will discover what you have always wanted, God's favor and the daily experience of His presence and care. God's favor is closer than most of us can imagine; it is not so elusive orselective as some would have you believe. Destiny is at humanity's doorstep, your doorstep, thanks to God's favor.

In Discovering Favor with God, you will learn how to:

Experience the favor of God in your daily life.

Enjoy the intimacy of Daddy's lap as well as the destiny of Father's purpose.

Deal with the devils in your own garden.

Discover life in another dimension.

You are about to discover and experience what you have always desired, the favor of God.

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Over de auteur (2005)

Covarrubias is founding pastor and overseer of Mt. Zion Church and Call from from the Mountain Media Minisstries headquartered in Clarkston, Michigan.

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