Diseases of Occupation and Vocational Hygiene

Front Cover
George Martin Kober, William Clinton Hanson
P. Blakiston's Son & Company, 1916 - Employees - 918 pages

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Page 832 - That woman's physical structure and the performance of maternal functions place her at a disadvantage in the struggle for subsistence is obvious. This is especially true when the burdens of motherhood are upon her. Even when they are not, by abundant testimony of the medical fraternity continuance for a long time on her feet at work, repeating this from day to day, tends to injurious effects upon the body, and, as healthy mothers are essential to vigorous offspring, the physical well-being of woman...
Page 854 - Sec. 1 shall provide suitable seats, chairs, or benches for the use of the females so employed, which shall be so placed as to be accessible to said employees ; and shall permit the use of such seats, chairs, or benches by them when they are not necessarily engaged in the active duties for which they are employed, and there shall be provided at least two chairs to every three (3) females.
Page 31 - ... inspector that such inhalation could be to a great extent prevented by the use of a fan or other mechanical means, the inspector may direct a fan or other mechanical means of a proper construction for preventing such inhalation to be provided within a reasonable time...
Page 816 - Handling or use of tar, pitch, bitumen, mineral oil, or paraffin, or any compound, product, or residue of any of these substances. Care or handling of any equine animal, or the carcass of any such animal. Any process carried on in compressed air.
Page 414 - ... 6. Continue artificial respiration without interruption until natural breathing is restored, if necessary, four hours or longer, or until a physician declares the patient is dead. 7. As soon as this artificial respiration has been started and while it is being continued, an assistant should loosen any tight clothing about the patient's neck, chest or waist.
Page 853 - No child under the age of 16 years shall be employed, permitted or suffered to work...
Page 854 - ... or any particular method of carrying on such trade, process of manufacture or occupation, is sufficiently dangerous to the lives or limbs or injurious to the health or morals of children under sixteen years of age to justify their exclusion therefrom.
Page 853 - ... in the manufacture or use of compositions of lye in which the quantity thereof is injurious to health...
Page 852 - Adjusting any belt to any machinery; sewing or lacing machine belts in any workshop or factory; oiling, wiping or cleaning machinery or assisting therein; operating or assisting in operating any of the following machines: Circular or band...
Page 854 - No child under sixteen years of age shall be employed, permitted or suffered to work in, about or in connection with...

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