Diseases of the stomach

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Blakiston, Son, 1900 - Stomach - 898 pages

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Page xii - 1 Heard are the voices, Heard are the sages, The worlds and the ages; Choose well, your choice is Brief and yet endless. ' Here eyes do regard you In eternity's stillness, Here is all fullness, Ye brave, to reward you ; Work and despair not.
Page 260 - an ounce of freshly ground coffee into a saucepan with one pint of new milk, which should be nearly boiling before the coffee is added; boil both together for three minutes. Clear it by pouring some of it into a cup and dashing it back again, add the isinglass, and
Page 257 - a large fowl, and boil it, bones and all, with a blade of mace, a sprig of parsley, and a crust of bread, in a quart of water for an hour, skimming- it from time to time. Strain through a coarse colander. Chicken, Veal, or Mutton Broth
Page 259 - of a pint of milk, lemon, and sugar to taste. Mix the arrowroot with a little milk to a smooth batter; put the rest of the milk on the fire and let it boil, sweeten and flavor it, stirring all the time till it thickens sufficiently. Put into a mold
Page 84 - ring, from right to left, along the small arch ; thence, through the large curvature, from left to right. The bolus, as it enters the cardia, turns to the left, passes the aperture, descends into the splenic extremity, and follows the great curvature
Page 258 - a teaspoonful of arrowroot in a little cold milk and add it to the boiling milk ; stir it until about the consistency of cream. Have ready the yolks of three eggs beaten up well in a little milk. Take the hot milk off the fire, and as it cools add the eggs and a
Page 256 - Lemonade (Pavy).—Pare the rind from a lemon thinly, and cut the lemon into slices. Put the peel and sliced lemon into a pitcher with one ounce of white sugar, and pour over them one pint of boiling water. Cover the pitcher closely, and digest until cold. Strain or pour off the liquid.
Page 257 - two ounces of rump steak; take away all fat, cut into small squares without entirely separating the meat, place in a mortar, and pound for five or ten minutes ; then add three or four tablespoonfuls of water and pound again for a short time, afterward
Page 258 - with sugar and nutmeg; shake well. Sherry or Brandy and Milk (Ringer].—To one tablespoonful of brandy or one wineglassful of sherry, in a bowl or cup, add powdered sugar and a very little nutmeg to taste. Warm a breakfast cupful of new milk and pour into a pitcher. Pour the contents from a height over the wine, sugar, etc. The milk must not boil.
Page 257 - warm. Or scrape the beefsteak with a sharp knife, and after removing all fat and tendon, if not already in a complete pulp, pound in a mortar. Flavor with salt and pepper. This may be taken in the form of a sandwich, between thin bread and butter, or mixed with water to the

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