Diseases of the Tongue

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Page 479 - MORRIS. Renal Surgery, with Special Reference to Stone in the Kidney and Ureter and to the Surgical Treatment of Calculous Anuria.
Page 349 - It is better not to apply any treatment in cases of occult cancer; for, if treated, the patients die quickly; but if not treated, they hold out for a long time.
Page 117 - ... the mouth that the impact of its point falls not upon the tip, dorsum, root or under surface, but upon the sides and edges. " * * * " In the most typical instances it appears about the middle of the front part of the dorsum, but on one side of the middle line, just where the end of the tobacco pipe rests, or where the stream of smoke from the pipe or c'igar impinges on the surface of the tongue. ' ' He quotes Mr. Butlin, author of "Diseases of the Tongue," as saying, cancer of the tongue is '...
Page 483 - Manual of Military Ophthalmology. For the Use of Medical Officers of the Home, Indian, and Colonial Services. By MT Yarr, FRCSI, Major Royal Army Medical Corps ; Fellow Medical Society of London. With numerous Illustrations and Diagrams. 6'*. The Student's Handbook of Surgical Operations. By Sir Frederick Treves, Bart., KCVO, CB, FRCS, LL.D. With 94 Illustrations. Eleventh Thousand. 7.
Page 484 - Children's Books, Dictionaries, Educational Works, History, Natural History, Household and Domestic Treatises, Handbooks and Guides, Science, Travels, &c. &c., together with a Synopsis of their numerous Illustrated Serial Publications, sent post free on application to CASSELL, PETTER, GALPIN & Co., Ludgate Hill, London.
Page 375 - ... respiration be interfered with at any time. Traction on this ligature of itself arrests hemorrhage and makes it an easy matter to secure any bleeding vessel. 6. Wash the wound with an antiseptic solution. 7. Paint the wound with iodoform styptic varnish. The varnish is made by substituting for the alcohol ordinarily used in the preparation of Friar's balsam a saturated solution of iodoform in ether 9 volumes, and turpentine 1 volume. After-treatment. — Encourage the patient to sit up and move...
Page 480 - Syphilis. By Jonathan Hutchinson, FRS, FRCS, Consulting Surgeon to the London Hospital and to the Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital. With 8 Chromo Plates.
Page 478 - It is a good book, conceived and written in a scientific spirit and well up to date and — not to admit in these utilitarian days a practical view of its merits — it strikes us as sound and judicious in regard to the general dietetic and therapeutical treatment of the maladies which it describes. The volume is of a handy size and admirably illustrated,"— Tht Lancet.
Page 374 - Paget, with an ordinary pair of straight scissors. 4. The muscles attached to the base of the tongue are then cut across by a series of successive short snips of the scissors, until the entire tongue is separated on the plane of the inferior border of the lower jaw, and as far back as the safety of the epiglottis will permit. 5. The lingual, or any other arteries requiring torsion, are twisted as divided.
Page 480 - MANUAL OF ANATOMY FOR SENIOR STUDENTS. By EDMUND OWEN, MB, FRSC, Senior Surgeon to the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, Surgeon to St.

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