Disgusting Things: A Miscellany

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Penguin, Aug 5, 2008 - Humor - 336 pages
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A collection of extreme, gross-out, cringe-worthy? and irresistible?trivia.

How long does the human head remain conscious after decapitation?

What fish communicates by farting?

What birds use vomit and poop as weapons?

What worm lives in your intestine and may crawl out your nose?

What is ?liquid cat??

What historical figure drank the ashes of her dead husband?

What men can tie their penises into knots?

From trivia expert Don Voorhees, Disgusting Things: A Miscellany is the ultimate book of outrageous, revolting, and repugnant trivia, a collection of equally upsetting and intriguing facts that will leave the reader grossed out?and wanting more.

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Why is snot green?
How is a candle used to remove earwax?
Can a rectal exam cure the hiccups?
Where are skin eating fish used in psoriasis therapy?
What should you do if you cut off your nger God forbid?
Do medicinal leeches ever wander into body ori ces?
What condition causes your extremities to rot and fall off?
Where do doctors get blow y maggots?

What states let you eat your roadkill?
What are sweetbreads?
What is humble pie?
Where do people eat fried ant bellies?
Can you eat stinkbugs?
What people like to eat ticks and lice before sex?
Where do they sell octopus ice cream?
Who eats live shrimp?
What people love cod tongues?
Can you get a disease from a y in your soup?
Do they really grow mushrooms in manure?
What popular kids dessert is made from bones and hooves?
Where is there a restaurant that serves nothing but genitals?
Did you ever eat dirt?
What creatures come out of your anus at night?
What worm lives in your intestines and may crawl out of your nose?
What other parasite crawls into the back of your throat?
What worm can grow to 50 feet long inside you?
What condition can swell a mans testicles to 2 feet in diameter?
Why do some people intentionally drink intestinal worms?
What bugs burrow under your skin and cause unbelievable itching?
How many dust mites are there in your pillow?
Are there mites in your eyebrows?
What are lice?
What are crabs?
Can you get maggots in your skin from a mosquito bite?
What kind of maggots live in the noses of sheep and goats?
What is delusory parasitosis?
How much bacteria is on your money?
In what country do they sterilize their money?
Whats the dirtiest thing in your house?
What are the germiest jobs?
What are the germiest public places?
What states have enacted legislation to cut down on germy shopping carts?
Are automatic air hand dryers more sanitary than paper towels?
What disease makes you bleed from all of your body orifices?
Has it ever been illegal to take a bath?
Why did some people in France protest when defecating in the streets was outlawed?
What company has collected 18000 samples of sweat?
Did early massproduced toilet paper give you splinters?
Why do we call the toilet a john?
When were city streets covered in excrement?
What are paperless toilets?
What did women use before sanitary napkins?
What animals penis bone was once used as a toothpick?
How can you tell if you have bad breath?
What professional gets paid to smell your bad breath?
When did diners wipe their greasy ngers on their hair?
Did anyone ever have pubic hair down to his or her knees?
When did women have vermin in their hairdos?
Can you drink your urine?
Why do some people drink urine?
Why did doctors used to taste a patients urine?
How much urine can your bladder hold?
What drug is made from the pee of old ladies?
Who makes pharmaceuticals from your excrement?
When was urine taxed?
Why is poop brown?
Why does corn come out whole in your poop?
What foods can turn your poop bright green?
Can constipation kill you?
What are the seven different types of poop?
Why is bird poop white?
Why do farts stink?
How can you fart less?
Why do farts burn after eating spicy food?
Is it dangerous to hold in a fart? and other fart trivia
Why does puke taste so foul?
What causes projectile vomiting?
Why do you start to salivate just before puking?
Is it good to lick your wounds?
Why do some peoples feet smell like cheese?
When did athletes sell their sweat?
Why does your nose run in cold weather?
How can rubber bands be used to treat hemorrhoids?
Are some babies born with tails?
How does belly button lint get in there?
Can you have your breasts enlarged through your belly button?
How many people are born with extra ngers?
When was brain surgery done with stone tools?
Who was the rst guy to ll a cavity?
What were the teeth of corpses used for?
Can coconut milk be used for blood plasma?
What condition can give you a bump the size of a bowling ball on your neck?
Can human fat be recycled?
Which culture used to bind the heads of babies between wooden boards?
When were varicose veins popular?
Can anybody suck up water through their anus?
Why did women once have goats milk and paraffin wax injected into their boobs?
What women have suckled puppies?
Do women have sperm ducts?
Where in the world do women have abnormally large buttocks?
Why did some women used to put garlic in their vaginas?
How are frogs used to test for pregnancy?
Can a woman have her vagina tightened?
What people kept their umbilical cords in an amulet?
Do some penises have the hole on the lower side of the shaft?
What disorder can cause the penis to bend sideways when erect?
Why does it hurt so much when a guy gets kicked in the groin?
Why does a cold shower cause a mans genitals to shrivel up?
Can you have your penis lengthened?
How many calories are there in semen?
Can a woman be allergic to semen?
Can men lactate?
What creatures eat your body when you die?
How are insects used to determine time of death?
Why do embalmers massage corpses?
Why didnt they embalm Pope John Paul II?
How do they cremate someone?
What historical gure drank the ashes of her husband?
Were people inadvertently buried alive in the old days?
Are all autopsies the same?
What people keep the head of the deceased for a drinking cup?
What religion leaves their dead out for vultures?
Where do they dig up dead relatives bones for parades?
What famous persons wife carried his head around for 29 years?
What peoples practiced cannibalism?
What is selfcannibalism?
Do sh communicate by farting?
Can turtles breathe through their butts?
What male animal does it until he dies from exhaustion?
Do vultures vomit in selfdefense?
What animals shoot blood out of their eyes?
What animals eat their parents droppings?
What is the most hideous mammal?
What tropical sh will burrow into your privates?
What eel will bite you and never let go?
Do vampire bats really drink blood?
What bugs are used to strip skeletons?
What beetle buries dead animals?
What animal mother lets her children eat her alive?
Why dont they make clothes out of spider silk?
Can a chicken live without a head?
What should you do if you are bitten by a venomous snake?
Are there any snakes big enough to swallow a person whole?
Do some animals have a bone in their penis?
Who makes purses from kangaroo scrotums?
What is the most dangerous breed of dog?
What disease can you get from your cat?
Why do cats like to rub up against you?
How do they inseminate racehorses?
What is a Judas goat?
Are there sh scales in your lipstick?
What aphrodisiac is made from beetle wings?
What people were paid to eat toads?
When did gentlemen write love poems about their sweethearts eas?

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Don Voorhees is the author of The Incredible Book of Useless Information, The Super Book of Useless Information, The Indispensable Book of Useless Information, The Perfectly Useless Book of Useless Information, The Essential Book of Useless Information, and Disgusting Things: A Miscellany. A native of Morris County, New Jersey, he now lives in Pennsylvania.

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