Dissertations: English philology, Volume 24, Issues 1-13

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Lütcke and Wulff, 1889

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Page 1 - THE VISION OF WILLIAM CONCERNING PIERS THE PLOWMAN, together with Vita de Dowel, Dobet, et Dobest, Secundum Wit et Resoun, by WILLIAM LANGLAND (1377 AD). The " Crowley
Page 30 - GLENKINDIE was ance a harper gude, He harped to the king ; And Glenkindie was ance the best harper That ever harp'd on a string. He'd harpit a fish out o' saut water, a Or water out o' a stane ; Or milk out o' a maiden's breast, That bairn had never nane.
Page 49 - Now was there maid fast by the Touris wall A gardyn faire, and in the corneris set Ane herbere grene, with wandis long and small Railit about, and so with treis set Was all the place, and hawthorn hegis knet, That lyf was non walkyng there forbye, That mycht within scarce any wight aspy.
Page 46 - The Romances of Sir Guy of Warwick, and Rembrun his son. Now first edited from the Auchinleck MS.
Page 11 - I may translate in wurdys pleyne Into oure langwage oute of latyn The lyf of blyssyd Märe Mawdelyn. Eine genauere angäbe darüber enthalten vv. 367, 368, wo wir erfahren, dass die vorliegende legende — both of pe gospel, |>at kan not ly, And of hyr legende to-gydyr is bounde.
Page 16 - A thousend and two hundiyd also Yf thretty & oon be addyd ther-to, The nyntende day euyn of Nouembre. Vergebens suchen wir nach diesem datum in der Graesse'schen ausgäbe der LA, wenigstens an der spitze der legende von der h. Elisabeth (p. 752): der lateinische text beginnt unmittelbar mit den etymologien, und erwähnt das todesjahr der heiligen erst dort, wo er über deren ende berichtet, was p. 764 mit den Worten geschieht: Post paululum vero anno domini MCCXXVI ad extremam horam veniens dormivit...
Page 9 - Agiutis, auctore S. Ambrosia. In welcher weise Bok. diese seine vorläge behandelte, ersehen wir aus seinen eigenen Worten in vv. 678 ff., wo er sagt, dass er der schrift des h. Ambrosius gefolgt sei Not wurde for wurde — for bat ne may be In no translacyoun, aftyr Jeromys decre — But fro sentence to sentence...
Page 21 - The king being in the chamber so high, And hearing the parrot, did say, 'What ails you, what ails you, my pretty parrot, That you prattle so long before day?
Page 28 - The old minstrel ballads are in the northern dialect, abound with antique words and phrases, are extremely incorrect, and run into the utmost licence of metre ; they have also a romantic wildness, and are in the true spirit of chivalry.
Page 15 - See William of Malmsbury, in Vit. Aldhelm. He is said, among other things, to have translated the Psalms into Anglo-Saxon verse, which may possibly have been the same which Mr. Thorpe has so ably edited from the Paris MS. or the groundwork of it.

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