Disturbing Delights: Waves of the Great Goddess (with Quantum Kamakala)

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Grascott, 2001 - Religion - 475 pages
Book Title: DISTURBING DELIGHTS: WAVES OF THE GREAT GODDESS About the Book This book is the republication of the original twenty-one journal volumes entitled Disturbing Delights. They were written between 1992 and 1994 in various stages. Each volume was thirty or so pages. I am glad to offer them now through 1st Books. The essay Quantum Kamakala: Seeking the Mysterious in Hidden Tantric Superstructures and Quantum Superstring Theory, was written in this year of 2000. So I have added it here. Some of the individual essays have been published in Prabuddha Bharata, The New Times, Vital Signs, Transformation Times and Global Vedanta, during the process of making Disturbing Delights: Waves of the Great Goddess, or there after. That was always a pleasure to know those essays were printed for a somewhat wider audience. Disturbing Delights : Waves of the Great Goddess (With Quantum Kamakala) Author: Richard Chambers Prescott TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Contents to Quantum Kamakala Seeking the Mysterious in Hidden Tantric Superstructures and Quantum Superstring Theory On Sri Vidya and Advaita Vedanta Goddess Within the Half Moon Light of Ardhachandra The Net of Maya Subhagodaya Sri Vidya and Advaita Vedanta Kamakala Island The Luminous Triangle Triangles Upon Triangles Sri Mantra Triangles Within Triangles Para Bindu: Supreme Abode Above Sri Yantra The Goddess' Universe From Head To Toe Sri Vidya Lalita Tripura Sundari The Goddess' Bed: Beyond The Bindu Point of Singularity And The Kamakala (One and Three Dimensions) The Mansion Of Gems (Eight Dimensions) The Grove Of Nipa Trees (Ten Inner Dimensions) The Island Of Gems (Ten Outer Dimensions) The Celestial Garden (Fourteen Dimensions and Nerve Connections) The Ocean Of Nectar (Eight and Sixteen Dimensions, Circles and Realms) Three Circular and Three Square Dimensions The Summit Of The Eyes The Great Void Maha Kali Atita Hring And Yoni Hakar Ardha Kamakala Mirroring Prakasa And Vimarsa Nirodhini The Event Horizon Of Death The Impulse Of Lalita Nada And Nadanta Immeasurable Beauty The Nada Thrill Of Aham Sada Nirodhika Mad Delight Young Tripura Sunyatita Sunya Turning And Facing Unmani And Samani Sri Tantra As Continuous Expansion The Goddess Maha Samkhini Engaging Luminosity Sankhika And Mystery Worship White Light And Absolute Void Opening And Closing The Eyes Nirodhika: Like Fire In Wood Anjani: Divine Woman Three Laps The Embrace Of Kundalini Maha Samkhini Her Secret Place Adoring The Beautiful Enchantress Momentary Diversions Superstrings, Singularities and The Mysterious Point Of Massive Singularity From Quarks To Quasars Dark Matter New Sages Of Cosmology Gravity: The Quiet Divine Power A Speck Of Dust The Quantum Vacuum Dimensions As Perspectives The Great Luminous Triangle The Energetic And The Luminous Vacuum The Singularity Supernovas And Life Superstructures In Tantra Amakala, Nirvana Kala And Parama Nirvana Sakti The Lunar Disk Below The Sahasrara Above The Sahasrara Beyond The Spiritual DISTURBING DELIGHTS Waves of the Great Goddess Introduction to Disturbing Delights Kalee and the Sacred Feminine Woman and Goddess The Sentiment of Empathy Turiya Shakti and the Cognition of the Atma Principle (Primal Self as Primal Guide) Goddess Culture Enlightened Women The Personality of Sri Ramakrishna (or Sri Ramakrishna as Personal Companion) The Atma Archetype Complex in Tantra Embracing the Goddess' Atma in Another Person The Heart Sentiment The Heroic Value of Embodiment The East Indian Idea of Death Dynamic Kalee Consciousness and Continuum Primordial Feminine Duplicity and Sincerity Poet and Matrix Emanation and Source Cognitive Forces The Insertion of the Kalee Principle Mystic Pleasure Savage and Saint Clear Consciousness Obsolete Dyadic Equations The Creatrix Kalee The Goddess' Tantra The Goddess' Primordial Formula Sacred Barriers Universal Politics The Mirror of Organic Actuality Sacred Moments Spiritual Greetings: Benevolent Salutations Buddhi: Bodha: Buddha

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