Divine Strength of Mind: A Profile in Courage

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"Divine Strength of Mind" tells the story of Raj Williams's life-threatening illnessesof Olympian proportions and the way they affected her life. It also touches on herlife in India and America and how this background shaped her to be a strong-willedperson who knows no fear and believes in the strength of prayers. She is convincedthat her recovery from major illnesses would not have been possible if it had notbeen for her strong faith in God and her incredible network of support from herfamily, friends, and neighbors.

Raj was first diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2003, which was mostly removed thesame year. Since she was pregnant at the time of surgery, however, the tumor was notcompletely removed and started to grow back; she therefore had to undergo a secondsurgery in 2007. One week before her second surgery, Raj was diagnosed with breastcancer, for which she had cancer surgery in 2008, followed by chemotherapy andradiation the same year.

Raj attributes her survival from these major illnesses to her faith in God, hermother's prayers, great doctors, and a huge support system comprising of friendsand neighbors in Annapolis, Maryland. Raj believes she had the best doctors, thebest of friends, and neighbors a person can have, and that it took the joint eff ort ofall these individuals to heal her!"Your book is really quite something. Reading your book gives me further insightinto what you went through with both your brain tumor and breast cancer. How youwove this into your entire life is fascinating"
"Dr. Stanley Watkins, Jr., M.D., Annapolis Oncology Center"
"Now that I have read your book, I can tell you this... Unbelievable! It's hardto even imagine one person going through all that you have. You are one toughcookie! It's like a movie, except that I know it all to be true. Your words can be verymotivational."
"Tim Sharpe, President, Adrian R'Mante Young Actors Camp, Hollywood, CA"

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