Divinity in Divorce: Power in Gratitude & Love

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International Health Publishing, Dec 15, 2009 - 115 pages
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This book awakens the spirit of not only those who are going through or have already gone through a divorce, but anyone who has ever had an intimate relationship with another person. It is about reaching new levels of consciousness and recognizing the perfection within each moment. For everything is perfect the way it is, as it is. This is a practical and inspirational guide through a divorce: a transformation of a marriage-relationship into another form. It illustrates that as part of a natural rhythmic cycle, the energy between two people - opposites perhaps - is simultaneously attracting and repelling. This is a part of a greater construct - our universe, with its laws and principles. You'll learn ways of tapping into your infinite divine power, innate wisdom, and explore universal intelligence with the purpose of expanding your heart and mind to be delivered into an empowering state of love and gratitude. Every person possesses an individualized set of values and priorities that dictate everyday behaviour. Thoughts, feelings, and actions are all influenced by what is held dear in value. Judgment is expecting another to fit into your ideals. Explore how and why everything in your life, even a divorce is perfect as it is, and presents opportunity for learning. Join me in my journey, and let this book guide you through yours as you discover the Divinity In Divorce.

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About the author (2009)

Dr. Dena Churchill, chiropractor and dynamic keynote speaker, is especially admired for her ability to deeply connect to audiences around the world with clarity, wit, wisdom and compassion. With a humble confidence, she draws from a wealth of real-life experiences to guide people towards their visions and achieving their best. Through writing and speaking, she illustrates ideas informative as well as entertaining, offering ageless wisdom of the trillium of mind, body, spirit balance in healing and transformation. As a doctor of chiropractic, professional speaker and consultant, Dr. Churchill integrates her extensive studies in psychology, biology, chiropractic, acupuncture, and energy healing to provide audiences with fresh concepts in healing and transformation. As a successful chiropractor based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, she adjusts the spine to optimize nervous system function and enhance whole-being wellness. Through her company, Trillium Transformational Seminars, she offers informative, engaging, and often humorous seminars to present practical ideas to captivate, motivate and inspire audiences to learn techniques for living with greater purpose and clarity. She practices to liberate the mind and dissolve emotional stress that interferes with healing processes. Dr. Churchill loves travelling, having studied internationally in Greece, Turkey, Cuba, South Africa, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Outside the borders of Beijing, China, she worked and studied at one of the world's most prestigious traditional Chinese Medicine hospitals. To keep a balance in her life as she moves between patients, par-ents, audiences and children, Dena is still running and doing yoga. Dr. Dena is whom she is because of the family around her that makes all things possible. Her sons Dominic and Gabriel, Mother Betty Lou (office manager), Sister Jody (accountant) and Father Howard (Children's Taxi) offer daily wisdom of love and reflection. With her special interest in children's health and education, she is networking with the Complimentary Medicine Departments of the local Children's Hospital and Dalhousie Medical School. Dr. Dena Churchill is a wellness expert featured on CBS's television show Health Matters; she also writes as a contributing author to Health and Wellness Magazine, OptiMYz.

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