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Living With Angina is 'A Cardiologist's Guide to Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, the Doctor/Patient Relationship, and How to Lead a Normal and Productive Life' despite having angina. This 200 page book, originally published by Harper & Row in 1990, was written by a practicing cardiologist with over 25 years experience. It has been professionally edited to make it clear, concise, and easily readable.

'Living With Angina is a very important addition to our knowledge of this important subject. Dr. James Pantano leaves the textbooks aside and talks directly to us. Read this book and thank me later.'
- Larry King, Mutual Broadcasting System, Nov. 8, 1989.

'To his credit, Dr. Pantano skillfully treads a delicate path between hope and reality, giving the pros and cons of each condition and outlining medical and surgical options. He tells it like it is, but with a compassion derived from exemplary training in cardiology, plus daily contact with anxious patients and their families.'
- Publishers Weekly, Jan 26, 1990.

'The importance of communicating effectively with your physician is the theme of the book. A brief course in cardiac anatomy is threaded throughout the book as the author, a cardiologist, explains what angina is, its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and what the patient can do to lead a normal and relatively pain-free life.'
- Book Review, Milwaukee Journal, April 16, 1990.

'The success of books about coronary artery disease depends on the author's knack for explaining the issues clearly and accurately, using nontechnical language and analogies that a lay reader can easily understand. Dr. James Pantano succeeds on all counts.'
- The New MD Magazine, July 1990.

'How can one control the fear that must accompany any sudden chest pain? One good way is by educating ourselves about angina, and a good book might be Living With Angina by James A. Pantano, M.D. It dispenses medical information about angina in simple, easy to understand language.'

- Delaware Valley Magazine, June 1990.

'I have reviewed many medical books for this column, and there is one chapter of this book I feel probably is the single most important service the author does: You and Your Doctor. Decidedly written from the doctor's side of the fence, this small, but effective, chapter on a doctor/patient relationship should be read by ever person who ever visits a doctor.'
- Dennis Cole Hill, Columnist, Daytona Herald, 1991.

'Thank you for writing a book designed to be understood by the reader. I'm impressed and grateful.'
- A reader, Venice, Fla.

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