Doctor Rameau

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Rand, McNally, 1889 - French fiction - 222 pages

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Page 11 - Even if God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent Him, so Voltaire said — 'si dieu n'existait pas, il faudrait 1'inventer.
Page 20 - The public controversy was commenced at the meeting of the German Scientific Association, held in Gottingen, Sept. 1854, when Prof. Rudolf Wagner delivered his celebrated discourse on the Creation of Man and the Substance of the Soul,b afterwards published and followed by another pamphlet on Knowledge and Faith with special Reference to the Future Existence of the Soul.
Page 127 - In the midst of this sadness and misanthropy, little Adrienne grew, healthy, lively, and gay, singing like a bird perched on a cypress over a tomb, and which carols, without heed of sorrow or tears, because the skies are blue and the sun smiles down on the green. Her father adored her.
Page 127 - ... fervor of past ages ? Or, — and this was his dream — would she offer, first to her father, and afterward to her husband, a simple and tender heart, content to love and to be loved, without wishing to reform or proscribe ? He made it a rule never to utter before this child a single word in relation to religion — no controversy, no exposition of doctrine, but an absolute neutrality.
Page 219 - His soul was his intelligence, the ensemble of his ideas, developed and acquired by labor, the improvement of his physical instincts, augmented and refined, until they became moral qualities.
Page 66 - The penetrating fragrance of the earth, warmed by the first rays of spring, charmed their senses. The grass seemed to take on a greener hue ; the buds were opening as if to salute the sun ; the birds carolled among the leaves, and all nature was breathing of love.
Page 129 - Happiness beamed in her eyes; she looked around for a glass in which to admire herself, but there was no mirror in this quiet and gloomy chamber. Talvanne, who felt uneasy from the I eginning, cast a searching glance at his friend, but found him calm and smiling. When Adrienne, with a glow cf pleasure, had exclaimed,
Page 20 - He discussed the question in relation to the hypothesis of a soul essentially distinct from the body.
Page 144 - It is the duty of parents to give their children the benefit of their experience in this respect.
Page 157 - In a moment all the past came back before him — that brilliant period when he mounted to the heights gilded by the rising sun...

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