Documents of American Constitutional and Legal History: From the founding through the age of industrialization

Melvin I. Urofsky, Paul Finkelman
Oxford University Press, 2002 - 1065 páginas
Documents of American Constitutional and Legal History, 2/e, is a two-volume companion to Urofsky and Finkelman's successful text, A March of Liberty, 2/e. Organized chronologically, this documents reader skillfully weaves together constitutional and legal history, offering students a mix of
both frequently cited and lesser-known-but equally important-historical documents and court decisions that have been instrumental in shaping the nation's constitutional development. The editors provide an introduction to each document, which summarizes its significance and places it within its
historical context. Each introduction is followed by a brief list of suggestions for further reading. Both volumes contain the complete text of the U.S. Constitution for ease of reference.
Now in its second edition, Documents of American Constitutional and Legal History has been updated to reflect the most recent constitutional and legal scholarship, including material on the latest Supreme Court decisions and the recent presidential election controversy. In addition, the
introductory notes and suggested reading sections have also been revised. Volume I covers the period from colonization up through the age of industrialization. Documents of American Constitutional and Legal History, 2/e, is an essential resource for courses in U.S. Constitutional history and legal
history, as well as constitutional law courses in other discipline

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