Documents of the Senate of the State of New York, Volume 15

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E. Croswell, 1915 - Government publications
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Page 7 - Dr. To receipts fro-m the treasurer of the United States, as per appropriation for fiscal year ending June 30.
Page 689 - It shall also be a violation of the provisions of this article if any commercial fertilizer or material to be used as a fertilizer shall contain a smaller percentage of nitrogen, phosphoric acid or potash than is certified...
Page 692 - The said commissioner of agriculture or his duly authorized representative in taking samples shall take them in duplicate in the presence of at least one witness, and in the presence of such witness shall seal such samples and shall at the time of taking tender, and if accepted, deliver to the person apparently in charge one of such samples, the other sample the commissioner of agriculture shall cause to be analyzed.
Page 331 - ... water. It was then dissolved in the minimum quantity of about 2 per ct. hydrochloric acid, filtered and precipitated with about an equal volume of alcohol. The voluminous amorphous precipitate was filtered and washed free of chlorides with dilute alcohol and then in absolute alcohol and ether and dried in vacuum over sulphuric acid.
Page v - EVERETT P. REED, BSA, Assistant Agronomist. WILLIAM P. WHEELER, First Assistant (Animal Industry). ROBERT S. BREED, PH.D., Bacteriologist. HAROLD J. CONN, PH.D., Associate Bacteriologist. GODFREY LA RUEHLE, MS, JAMES D. BREW, BS, Assistant Bacteriologists. FRED C. STEWART, MS, Botanist. WALTER O. GLOYER, AM, •FOREST M.
Page 826 - The sum of these 4 products will be the commercial valuation per ton on the basis taken. Illustration. — The table of analyses shows a certain fertilizer to have the following composition: Nitrogen 2.52 per ct.; available phosphoric acid 6.31 per ct.; insoluble phosphoric acid .89 per ct.; potash 6.64 per ct. According to this method of valuation, the computation would be as follows: Nitrogen 2.52 x...
Page 691 - Canadian blue grass, Kentucky blue grass, alsike clover, crimson clover, red clover, white clover, vetch orchard grass, rape, red top, and timothy which are to be used for sowing or seeding purposes. No person, firm or corporation shall sell, offer, expose or have in his possession for sale for the...
Page 139 - Acid without gas from dextrose 0.3 No acid from dextrose 0.4 No growth with dextrose .01 Acid and gas from lactose .02 Acid without gas from lactose .03 No acid from lactose .04 No growth with lactose .001 Acid and gas from saccharose .002 Acid without gas from saccharose .003 No acid from saccharose .004 No growth with saccharose .0001 Nitrates reduced with evolution of gas .0002 Nitrates not reduced .0003 Nitrates reduced without gas formation...
Page 691 - PROVISIONS OF THE AGRICULTURAL LAW RELATIVE TO THE INSPECTION AND SALE OF AGRICULTURAL SEEDS. ARTICLE 15 OF THE AGRICULTURAL LAW.* Inspection and Sale of Seeds. Section 340. Inspection and sale of seeds. 341. Samples, publication of results of examination. 340. Inspection and sale of seeds. Within the meaning of this article, '
Page 373 - ... turbidity remained. This was cleared up by the addition of a few ' drops of dilute hydrochloric acid and the solution allowed to stand at room temperature. The substance soon began to separate in the same crystalline form as before. After standing for two days the crystalline substance was filtered off, washed in water, alcohol and ether and dried in vacuum over sulphuric acid. The mother liquor was diluted with more alcohol and allowed to stand as before when a further quantity of the same shaped...

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