Documents Relating to the Foundation of the Chapter of Winchester, A.D. 1541-1547, Parts 1541-1547

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Page 43 - facta edita ordinata sive provisa, Aut aliqua alia re causa vel materia quacumque in aliquo non obstante ; IN CuJUS rei testimonium has literas nostras fieri fecimus patentes. TESTE me ipso apud Westmonasterium vicÚsimo octavo die
Page 143 - King of England, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, and on earth Supreme Head of the English and Irish Church, to All Sons of Holy Mother Church to whose notice this writing
Page 138 - De corrigendis excessibus. UT IN Ecclesia nostra morum integritas servetur, Statuimus et volumus, ut si quis minorum Canonicorum, clericorum aut aliorum ministrorum in levi culpa deliquerit, arbitrio Decani aut eo absente Vice-Decani corrigatur, sin gravius
Page 25 - Nicholas' night commonly the Scholars of the country make them a Bishop, who, like a foolish boy, goeth about blessing and preaching with such childish
Page 40 - unum corpus corporatum in re et nomine facimus creamus et stabilimus, ac eos pro uno corpore facimus declaramus ordinamus et acceptamus, habeantque successionem perpetuam : Et quod ipsi Decanus et Capitulum eorumque successores per nomen Decani et Capituli
Page 217 - Occasional Volume. The Book of Nunna-minster or Abbey of St. Mary, Winchester. This MS. is assigned to the Eighth Century, and contains the Passion of our Lord, Prayers, Hymns, etc., and the boundaries of the lands of the Abbey in Winchester, as held at the time of its foundation by St. Ealhswith, with a facsimile page in autotype photography. Edited by W. DE
Page 138 - admoneatur. Quod si tertio admonitus se non emendaverit, apud Episcopum visitatorem suum accusetur, et illius judicio corrigatur. Pauperum vero quoties deliquerint correctionem Decani aut eo absente ViceDecani judicio reservamus, qui, si incorrigibiles permanserint, per Decanum,
Page 38 - omnis generis pietatis officia illinc exuberanter in omnia vicina loca longe lateque dimanent ad Dei omnipotentis gloriam et ad subditorum nostrorum communem utilitatem felicitatemque : IDCIRCO nos infra
Page 2 - that God's word might be better set forth, children brought up in learning, clerks nourished in the Universities,
Page 184 - the Sixt by the grace of God Kyng of Englond Fraunce and Irelond Defender of the faythe and of the Churche of Englond and also

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