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My Pouty Lips - Fiction
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Helena and her boyfriend are deeply in love, but he is always out of town on business. He truly cares for her and worries about her safety when he is gone for days at a time.

His concern increases with the rising number of break-ins in the area as of late. In order to keep her safe, he offers her an adult guard dog, that instantly becomes part of the family.

However, the dog becomes overly friendly and, to Helena's surprise, the animal isn't only what it appears to be...

Warning: This 7000 word weredog sex story is pure fantasy erotica (including very hot sex scenes), and is for adults only! It contains forced sex with weredog, oral sex, m/f sex, weredog/f sex, dubious consent, curse and black magic, and lots of cum.

When she was out of sight, Woody slowly and silently made his way up the stairs, until he reached the door to the bedroom. The door was closed, but that wasn't a detriment to his advance in the very least. He reached up with his paws and turned the knob, until it opened a crack, and he then quickly slid into the room. Helena was already in the bathroom, totally naked, with steam coming out from the door. Her clothes were splayed over the floor to the door of the bathroom.

Woody walked over and deeply sniffed her clothes, paying special attention to her undergarments, and especially the crotch of her panties, which he licked. Woody got this look of lust on his face, and he rapidly pushed right into the bathroom, all the while Helena was under the hot spray. He just watched her naked form beyond the door and got even more brazen, as he jumped up and slid in the shower behind her. Woody saw her soft but firm ass in front of his face and her pussy gave off a delicious scent of pure sex.

Helena was showering and enjoying the hot water hitting her naked flesh. Her hands roamed all over her own body and she found herself with her hands cupping her big breasts, and pinching her pointy nipples. She soon got carried away and quickly started to fantasize that Gary was right there with her in the shower, rather than hundreds of miles away. She could almost feel his moist hot lips make intimate contact with her flesh and she imagined him licking her with absolute unbridled abandon and passion.

Download now to read the entire weredog sex adventure, including two very steamy sex scenes.

The heroine will give into pleasures she would never have expected, cheating on her loving husband. Who will she finally choose? Her dog or her man?

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I, Angelicka Wallows, am a sweet and sexy girl who likes to live my life to the fullest and experience fun, adventure, and sex in every possible way, with an intensity that will tease your imagination and fantasy!

Discover my life, my secrets, my escapades in my confessions. Read some mouth watering and naughty stories in erotica. And learn a thing or two about relationships and all in my famous hot tips.

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