Dollar Atlas of the World, Historical, Political, Commercial: Containing Colored Maps of All the States and Territories in the United States, the Provinces of the Dominion of Canada, and of Every Country and Civil Division Upon the Face of the Globe

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1900 - Atlases - 192 pages
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Page 182 - One of the geographical division* of the globe. It embraces the Continent of Australia and the islands of the Pacific Ocean east to Easter Island (109 W.). The Islands generally are grouped In two divisions — Australasia and Polynesia. Australasia Is subdivided Into Australia proper and Melanesia. "Islands of the blacks.
Page 132 - The executive government is vested nominally in the Crown, but practically in a committee of Ministers, called the Cabinet, whose existence is dependent on the support of a majority in the House of Commons. The head of the Ministry is the Prime Minister, a position first constitu.Reign When met When dissolved Existed 13 Feb.
Page 48 - ... weeks, provided pay of teachers shall not be diminished thereby. See also A (b2), State officers; D (e), United States flag in schools. Arkansas: Robert E. Lee's birthday, January 19, shall be observed in the public schools, with appropriate patriotic exercises. California: Legal holidays: Sundays, January 1, February 12, February 22, May 30, July 4, first Monday in September, September 9, October 12, December 25, and Thanksgiving Day ; public schools shall close on January 1, May 30, July 4,...
Page 90 - ... succeeding business day. The two Governments shall, for this purpose, instruct their respective Embassies to receive and give receipts for such pleadings and briefs any weekday between the hours of 10 and 16 (4 pm) except on the following legal holidays of both countries: Of the United States.— January 1, February 22, May 30, July 4, first Monday in September, last Thursday in November, December 25.
Page 60 - ... hour, after entering upon the performance of his duties, will be based upon an eight-hour day, with time and a half for overtime, including Sundays. All employees whose compensation is fixed on an hourly basis, and who work on the days prior and subsequent thereto, will be allowed pay for the following holidays: January 1, February 22, May 30, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and December 25. All hourly employees above the grade of laborer who render actual service on these holidays will...
Page 14 - Jan. 1. Feb. 22, May 30, July 4. first Monday in September, general election day Thanksgiving day, Dec. 25. WYOMING — Jan. 1, Feb. 12, Feb. 22, May 30, July 4, first Monday in September, general election day, Dec. 25. The national holidays, such as July 4, New Years' etc., are such by general custom and observance, and not because of congressional legislation.
Page 24 - Maryland was named in honor of Henrietta Maria, Queen of Charles I. of England, in his patent to Lord Baltimore, 1633. Massachusetts, named from the Massachusetts tribe of Indians, in the neighborhood of Boston, meaning
Page 66 - Mexico, won its independence by revolution in 1835 and 1836 and continued as an independent republic until 1845, when it was annexed to the United States and admitted to the Union as the twenty-eighth State.
Page 182 - Islands of the blacks." The latter Includes New Guinea, Bismarck Archipelago, New Caledonia Island, and Solomon, Santa Cruz, New Hebrides, and Loyalty groups. The FIJI Islands (Polynesia), are usually treated with Australia, as are New Zealand and Tasmania. Polynesia comprises Polynesia proper — Ellice, Samoan, rim-nix, Palmyra, Society, and Tuamotu Islands — nnd Micronesia, "the little Islands.

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