Domestic Economy: Comprising the Laws of Health in Their Application to Home Life and Work

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Swan Sonnenschein & Company, 1897 - Care of the sick - 340 pages
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Page 268 - She openeth her mouth with wisdom ; and in her tongue is the law of kindness. She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness. Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.
Page 93 - Butter a small basin that will exactly hold it, put in the custard, and tie a floured cloth over it; plunge it into boiling water, float it about for a few minutes, boil it slowly for half ma hour, tarn it out and serve.
Page 309 - MILK. Soak one ounce of rice for twelve hours, wash it quite clean, and drain it. Add the soaked rice to a pint of boiling milk, with half a teaspoonful of salt and sugar. Stir well and cook slowly for one hour. Rub through a hair sieve. Sago or tapioca may be substituted for rice. (Yeo.) BREAD JELLY.
Page 182 - To avoid these evils firebrick should separate the fire from the ironwork, and the stove should never be allowed to become redhot. There should be as few joints as possible, and these should be horizontal, not vertical.
Page 294 - Until four to eight months of age, according to the development of the infant, food should be given every two hours during the day, and every three hours during the night...
Page 224 - Disinfection of local authority generally empowered by the authority in that beddins> &cbehalf, may by notice in writing require the owner of any bedding, clothing, or other articles which have been exposed to the infection of any infectious disease to cause the same to be delivered over to...
Page 96 - Make rapidly into flat cakes like " tea-cakes," and bake without delay in a quick oven, leaving them afterwards to finish thoroughly at a lower temperature.* The butter and milk supply fatty matter in which the wheat is somewhat deficient ; all the saline and mineral matters of the husk are retained ; and thus a more nutritive form of bread cannot be made. Moreover, it retains the natural...
Page 309 - Boil one ounce finely chopped suet with a quarter of a pint of water for ten minutes, and press through linen or flannel. Then add one drachm of bruised cinnamon, one ounce of sugar, and three quarters of a pint of milk. Boil for ten minutes and strain. Not more than a wineglassful should be given at a time, as it is liable to derange the stomach and cause diarrhoea ; a little old brandy, or a teaspoonful...
Page 79 - ... of loaf sugar and a fresh lemon cut in slices with the pips taken .out ; add a gallon of boiling water. Stir thoroughly while the water is being poured on. Use hot, warm or cold. The lemon may be omitted or any other flavoring used instead. Costs 3d. a gallon, or five gallons ls; four lemons are enough for five gallons. "Cokos is a good nourishing drink, made as follows: Put four oz. of fresh fine ground oatmeal, four oz. of cocoa, into a pan mixed with a little cold water into a thin batter,...
Page 167 - The work must be diminished, and more time allowed for recreation. The average amount of sleep required at 4 years old is 12 hours, at 7 years old 11 hours...

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