Dots of Destiny: Applications of Ashtakavarga

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Digital Media Company, Oct 19, 2005 - Computers
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First ever book on Advanced Predictive Techniques of Ashtakavarga (Vedic Astrology) which leads the student step-by-step to the application of Ashtakavarga for everyday predictions. Reveals the decisive role of Ashtakavarga in analysing the dreaded period of sadhe-sati and much more.

Vinay Aditya is the Associate editor of the 'Vedic Astrology' magazine, and author of a book on Ashtakavarga. Vinay Aditya holds a degree in engineering besides Jyotish Visharad from Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi. He has been teaching astrology for nearly 8 years, now with the ICAS. He has also been the faculty member at the ACVA conferences. He has given consultations to over thousand persons in Germany.

Dots of Destiny describes advanced predictive techniques in a very lucid manner. Vinay Aditya, an engineer by education, opted for the highly evolved science of Vedic Astrology in India. Interestingly, also came across many articles by by Aditya, Vinay in 'Vedic Astrology' magazine.

Great reading to all interested in Vedic Astrology and ancient predictive techniques of India. Basic knowledge of Vedic Astrology is a prerequisite to understand and enjoy reading Dots of Destiny.

The entire edifice of astrology rests on the interpersonal play of planets in the backdrop of zodiacal signs. Ashtakavarga is the only method which puts this interplay into a competent system. A planet will do a job according to its strength. The other methods Shadbala (Parashari), Panchavargiya bala (Tajik), or Grahabala (Jaimini), have their own specific value, but they all seem to miss a very important point. And that is, that a planet does not operate in a vacuum, the other six planets are always somewherearound. Therefore, a planet will do a job only in as much measure as the other planets would allow it to do. The other planets either support its assignment or oppose it. In a nutshell, the native, at all times, experiences the combined results of all the planets. It is only a manner of speech amongst astrologers that a particular planet is causing trouble or otherwise because talking of all the seven planets in the same breath is difficult. It is for this reason that the Ashtakavarga system, when we say that Jupiter is powerful because it has 7 Bhinnashtaka bindus, or 42 Sarvashtaka bindus in a sign, what we mean is, that all the planets have gathered together to invest into Jupiter this power. In no other branch of astrology this truly democratic approach is visible so clearly.

If there is any sanctity or rationale of Ashtakavarga in the birth chart, it ought to be explored in other charts too, since in all the charts, it is always the interplay of planets with each other that causes events. Whether the results of this exploration are acceptable to the astrologers, by and large, will depend on successful predictions made by the explorers using Ashtakavarga techniques. If and when a sufficient statistical proof is available, then these techniques may be inducted into astrological dicta of the present times. Ashtakavarga seems to be progressively getting out of bounds for those orthodox astrologers who, before they accept an astrological idea, keep propping up the refrain, "Where is it written in the classics?"

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This is the best book on Ashtakavarga that I have read. It is organized and readable. The author is obviously an educated man and a scholar of Jyotish. I highly recommend this book.

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