Down the Great River: Embracing an Account of the Discovery of the True Source of the Mississippi, Together with Views, Descriptive and Pictorial, of the Cities, Towns, Villages and Scenery on the Banks of the River, as Seen During a Canoe Voyage of Over Three Thousand Miles from Its Head Waters to the Gulf of Mexico

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Hubbard Brothers, 1893 - Canoes and canoeing - 424 pages

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Page 290 - Temple was completed and dedicated. The baptistery was festooned with flowers; the walls decorated with symbolic ornaments; lamps and torches glittered ; prayers were uttered and chants were sung, and thus the dedication was completed. In an hour afterwards the portal was closed and an inscription placed upon it: "The House of the Lord ! Built by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Holiness to the Lord !" and the Saints were already making their way across the Mississippi.
Page 166 - And what are we That hear the question of that voice sublime? Oh, what are all the notes that ever rung From war's vain trumpet, by thy thundering side? Yea, what is all the riot man can make In his short life to thy unceasing roar? And yet, bold babbler, what art thou to HIM Who drowned a world and heaped the waters far Above its loftiest mountains?— a light wave That breaks and whispers of its Maker's might.
Page 210 - ... thought that I could be terrified into obedience ; you shall soon see how well I can defeat your designs.' She then commenced to sing her dirge ; the light wind which blew at the time, wafted the words...
Page 116 - ... dress, &c. They also make incisions in their arms, legs, and other parts of the body; these are not made for the purposes of mortification, or to create a pain, which shall, by dividing their attention, efface the recollection of their loss, but entirely from a belief that their grief is internal, and that the only way of dispelling it is to give it a vent through which to escape.
Page 321 - Apocalypse. What! Is it expected that, for any commercial or profitable purposes, boats will ever be able to run up the Mississippi, into the Wabash, the Missouri, or the Red River? One might as well try to bite a slice off the moon...
Page 433 - Be not surprised if you are called here suddenly by telegram. If called, come instantly. In a certain contingency it will be necessary to have the aid of the most thorough knowledge of our western rivers, and the use of steam on them, and in that event I have advised that you should be consulted.
Page 105 - Their notions of religion appear to be of the most simple character; they believe in the existence of an only God, whom they term Ka-sha-ma-ne-to, or Great Spirit ; Kasha signifying great, and Maneto an irresistible, Almighty Being. The epithet Kasha is never applied to any other word but as connected with the Supreme Being.
Page 70 - The upper end of the south-western arm is heavily margined with rushes and swamp grass, and it was not without considerable difficulty that we forced our way through this barrier into the larger of the two open streams which flow into this end of the lake. "Although perfectly familiar with the topography of the country, and entirely confident that he could lead us to the beautiful lake which he had so often described, Che-no-wa-ge-sic was for some moments greatly disturbed by the network of rushes...
Page 210 - ... the village; alone, he now ranges through the forest, with no one to assist him, none to spread his blanket, none to build his lodge, none to wait on him; yet was he the man of my choice.
Page 166 - Oh, what are all the notes that ever rung From war's vain trumpet, by thy thundering side ? Yea, what is all the riot man can make In his short life, to thy unceasing roar? And yet, bold babbler, what art thou to Him Who drowned a world, and heaped the waters far Above its loftiest mountains? — a light wave, That breaks, and whispers of its Maker's might.

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