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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1919 - Mechanical drawing - 62 pages
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Page 64 - That public authorities and other large employers will in many cases, at least, give the disabled soldiers and sailors preference when filling vacant positions, provided they possess the training necessary to fill them. All disabled soldiers, whether in or out of the hospital, should address their communications either to the Federal Board for Vocational Education, Washington, DC, or to the district office of the Federal Board of the district in which he is located. The district offices of the Board...
Page 7 - MECHANICAL DRAWING PART I The subject of mechanical drawing is of great interest and importance to all mechanics and engineers. Drawing is the method used to show graphically the small details of machinery; it is the language by which the designer speaks to the workman; it is the most graphical way to place ideas and calculations on record. Working drawings take the place of lengthy explanations, either written or verbal.
Page 64 - Maison Blanche Annex, New Orleans, La. District No. 7 — Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Office: 906 Mercantile Library Building, Cincinnati, Ohio. District No. 8 — Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin. Office: 1600 the Westminster, 110 South Dearborn street, Chicago, 111. District No. 9 — Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri.
Page 64 - Philadelphia, Pa. District No. 4 : District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Office 606 F Street, NW., Washington, DC District No. 5: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee. Office: 823 Forsyth Building, Atlanta, Ga.
Page 64 - Building, Boston, Mass. District No. 2 — Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. Office: Room 711, 280 Broadway, New York. District No. 3 — Pennsylvania and Delaware. Office: 1000 Penn Square Building, Philadelphia, Pa. District No. 4— District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. Office: 606 F street, NW, Washington, DC District No. 5 — North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. Office: Room 1404, Candler Building, Atlanta, Ga.
Page 13 - DRAWING. PART III. PROJECTIONS. ORTHOGRAPHIC PROJECTION. Orthographic Projection is the art of representing objects of three dimensions by views on two planes at right angles to each other, in such a way that the forms and positions may be completely determined. The two planes are called planes of projection or co-ordinate planes, one being vertical and the other horizontal, as shown in Fig. 1. These planes are sometimes designated V and H respectively. The intersection of V and H is known as the...
Page 63 - Bulletins published by United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation: Carmichael, AW Shipbuilding for beginners. Assistant naval constructor, United States Navy. Aids to employment managers and interviewers on shipyard occupations with description of such occupations. Special bulletin. Handbook on employment management in the shipyard. Dealing with modern methods and practices of employment management. Bulletin II. Elements of blue-print reading for steel-ship construction — Course No.
Page 64 - Secretary of Commerce. . Agriculture. WILLIAM B. WILSON, ARTHUR E. HOLDER, ; Secretary of Labor. Labor. PP CLAXTON, Commissioner of Education. EXECUTIVE STAFF. CA PROSSER, Director.
Page 64 - Chemical Building, St. Louis, Mo. District No. 10 : Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Office : Room 742 Metropolitan Bank Building, Minneapolis, Minn. District No. 11: Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. Office: 909 Seventeenth Street, Denver, Colo.
Page 64 - Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Office: Room 539 Central Building, Seattle, Wash. District No. 14: Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Office: 810 Western Indemnity Building. 1000 Main Street, Dallas, Texas.

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