Dragon's Teeth: A Novel from the Portuguese

Front Cover
Ticknor, 1889 - 516 pages

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Page 401 - " Jes' at thoughts," he said enigmatically ; " thoughts ! " " Thoughts 'bout me, I 'll be bound," said Mrs. Purvine aggressively. " Naw ; jes' 'bout Lethe an' that thar town man." He whirled from the fire, and walked up and down the floor with his hands in his pockets. " Waal, don't ye say no mo' 'bout'n him,
Page 464 - Jorge's step in the hall she ran out to meet him, threw her arms around his neck, and with her head on his shoulder said, —
Page 326 - It would not be the first time such a thing has happened ; and this Raven does not look as if he would easily let himself be thrown. He would, at least, drag down his enemies with him in his fall.
Page 311 - They produced no effect, however, and another lengthened pause followed, during which the only sound to be heard was the ticking of the clock. The situation was now beginning to be rather ludicrous, and struck Mabel as such.
Page 79 - ... IRISH CINDERELLA. ALL Marcella's expectations were broken and scattered by such a greeting. The blood rushed to her face and fled away again instantly as she stammered : " I do not understand. My father told me something, but I have not been able to believe it." " But you must believe it, my dear. You are the only relative I have left in the world, and I had not a suspicion of your existence till I saw you standing here the first day you came, and my breath was taken from me by your likeness...
Page 5 - American public, the translator has assumed the responsibility of softening here and there, and even of at times effacing, a line too sharply drawn, a light or a shadow too strongly marked to please a taste that has been largely formed on...
Page 467 - ... voice or the song to anything he had heard before. All that could be said was that the voice was young and fresh, and that the melody was sad, and had the quality of suggestiveness, which is often wanting to more elaborate music. He knew what was coming when he put up his papers in his pocket-book, and it occurred to him that perhaps it would be well to have the explanation over and be done with it, for he knew how persistent his companion was. •• It's no that there's much to say...
Page 7 - Rhymes have neither the excuse of hurried preparation, for their imperfections, nor of too partial friends' advice, for their publication. They have all, with but few exceptions, appeared from time to time in the various periodicals of the day, and are now only issued in a collected form. It is hoped, therefore, that since any approval they then may have met with is, long ere this, exhausted, the criticism they provoked is, as equally, allayed ; so that, even though there be none now to point out...
Page 293 - Oh, what will become of me ! what will become of me ! " she exclaimed, throwing herself on the sofa and covering her face with her hands.
Page 182 - Has old parchment unbosomed herself to you ? " he said. " I have not been able to get a word out of her,

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