Dramatic Works: To which is Prefixed a Life of the Author, 2. kötet

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A. Millar, 1798
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247. oldal - I'd let a parish of such Clotens' blood, And praise myself for charity. \Exit. Bel. O thou goddess, Thou divine Nature, how thyself thou blazon'st In these two princely boys ! They are as gentle As zephyrs, blowing below the violet, Not wagging his sweet head : and yet as rough, Their royal blood enchafed, as the rudest wind, That by the. top doth take the mountain pine And make him stoop to the vale.
145. oldal - Oh, my wife no more ! How dear her love was to me — Yet they stood, With a malicious silent joy, stood by, And saw her give up all my happiness, The treasure of her beauty, to another ; Stood by, and saw her married to another.
140. oldal - I was preserv'd but to be made a slave ; I often writ to my hard father, but never had An answer ; I writ to thee too / Isa. What a world of woe Had been prevented but in hearing from you ! Bir. Alas ! thou couldst not help me.
143. oldal - I have said too much, unless I could speak all. Bir. Thy words are wild ; my eyes, my ears, my heart, Were all so full of thee, so much employed In wonder of thy charms, I could not find it : Now I perceive it plain Isa.
88. oldal - The devil was sick, the devil a monk would be ; The devil was well, the devil a monk was he.
205. oldal - Nay, followed him, till he had melted from The smallness of a gnat to air ; and then Have turned mine eye and wept.
132. oldal - I have leave at last to call you mine ! But let me look upon you, view you well. This is a welcome gallantry indeed ! I durst not ask, but it was kind to grant, Just at this time : dispensing with your dress Upon this second day to greet our friends.
159. oldal - Accuse, condemn me; let the sentence reach My hated life— No matter how it comes, I'll think it just and thank you as it falls. Self-murder is denied me.
131. oldal - Of any other wish, be nothing mine ! — But let me look upon you, view you well. This is a welcome gallantry indeed ! I...
132. oldal - My Carlos too, who came in to the support Of our bad fortune, has an honest right, In better times, to share the good with us. CAR. I come to claim that right, to share your joy ; To wish you joy ; and find it in myself; For a friend's happiness reflects a warmth, A kindly comfort, into every heart That is not envious.

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