Draper's Self Culture

Andrew Sloan Draper
Twentieth century self culture association, 1907

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Seite 221 - The feet of the competitor may be placed in any position, but shall leave the ground once only in making an attempt to jump. When the feet are lifted from the ground twice, or two springs are made in making the attempt, it shall count as a trial jump without result. A competitor may rock...
Seite 279 - If any player lead out of turn, his adversaries may either call the card erroneously led — or may call a suit from him or his partner when it is next the turn of either of them to lead.
Seite 377 - In 1790, only 5 per cent of the people of the United States lived in cities; in 1950, 63.7 per cent lived in cities, and the proportion has undoubtedly risen since then.
Seite 279 - Is when a player, holding one or more cards of the suit led, plays a card of a different suit.
Seite 259 - Caution, not to make our moves too hastily. This habit is best acquired by observing strictly the laws of the game ; such as, " If you touch a piece, you must move it somewhere; if you set it down, you must let it stand...
Seite 277 - The player on the dealer's right cuts the pack, and in dividing it, must not leave fewer than four cards in either packet; if in cutting, or in replacing one of the two packets...
Seite 158 - The partner of the player who served in first game shall serve in the third, and the partner of the player who served in the second game shall serve in the fourth, and the same order shall be maintained in all the subsequent games of the set.
Seite 279 - If any one omit playing to a former trick, and such error be not discovered until he has played to the next, the adversaries may claim a new deal ; should they decide that the deal...
Seite 277 - ... a card be exposed, or if there be any confusion of the cards, or a doubt as to the exact place in which the pack •was divided, there must be a fresh cut.
Seite 157 - Half -court line, dividing the space on each side of the net into two equal parts, called the Right and Left Courts. On each side of the net, at a distance of 21 feet from it, and parallel with it, are drawn the Service lines. The...

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