Dream Life: A Fable of the Seasons

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C. Scribner, 1851 - 286 pages
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Page 37 - helm, the fleet of swimmers come drifting over you, and drop their burden into the dancing pools, and make the flowers glisten, and the eaves drip with their crystal bounty. The cattle linger still, cropping the new-come grass ; and childhood laughs joyously at the warm rain ;—or under the cottage roof, catches with eager ear, the patter of its
Page 43 - jam, and a few oranges. After this you would haul ashore a chest or two of the sailors' clothes, and putting a few large jack-knives in your pocket, would take a stroll over the island, and dig a cave somewhere, and roll in a cask or two of sea-bread. And you fancy yourself growing
Page 238 - temptation in the way of covetous men, to put Madge's little gaiters outside the chamber door, at night. Your home, when it is entered, is just what it should be :—quiet, small,—with everything she wishes, and nothing more than she wishes. The sun strikes it in the happiest possible way:—the piano is the sweetest-toned in the
Page 200 - plenty. The staggering stalks of the buck-wheat, grow red with ripeness; and tip their tops with clustering, tri-cornered kernels. The cattle loosed from the summer's yoke, grow strong upon the meadows, new starting from the scythe. The lambs of April, rounded into fullness of limb, and gaining day by day their woolly cloak, bite at the
Page 232 - reply of Madge that makes it sacred; it is full of delicacy, and full of hope. Yet it is not final. Her heart lies entrenched within the ramparts of Duty and of Devotion. It is a citadel of strength, in the middle of the city of her affections. To win the way to it, there must
Page 106 - world, to decline familiarity with those ideas that fright us. Yet your mother—how strange it is!—has no fears of such dark fancies. Even now, as you stand beside her, and as the twilight deepens in the room, her low, silvery voice is stealing upon your ear, telling you that she cannot be long with
Page 40 - then a look of such horror! There is great fun in groping through a tall barrel of books and pamphlets, on the look-out for startling pictures ; and there are chestnuts in the garret, drying, which you have discovered on a ledge of the
Page 44 - a dangerous, chivalric matter, as in the case of Helen Mar and "Wallace, you can very easily conceive of it, and can take hold of all the little accessories of male costume, and embroidering of banners; but as for pure sentiment, such as lies in the sweet story of Bernardin de St. Pierre, it is quite
Page 96 - followed by a powerful use of a bandanna pocket-handkerchief,— draws out his tuning fork, and waits for the parson to close his reading. He now reviews once more his company,—throws a reproving glance at the young woman in the pink hat, who at the moment is biting off a stout bunch of fennel,—lifts his music
Page 36 - company. But presently, you see across the fields, the dark grey streaks stretching like lines of mists, from the green bosom of the valley, to that spot of sky where the company of clouds is loitering; and with an easy shifting of

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