Dreams Speak: But What Are They Really Saying?

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Exisle Publishing Pty Limited, 2010 - Psychology - 224 pages
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Psychologist Therese Duckett shows how our dreams are important in helping understand our lives and improve our health and wellbeing. Using examples from her casework, she outlines the most common dream symbols and explains their significance. She also guides us through the fascinating dimension of the 'collective unconscious' mind and explains its importance. Simply written with a direct application to our lives, DREAMS SPEAK is a wonderful tool for anyone intrigued by the language of dreams.

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What the dream speaks is actually what only the dreamer , the experiencer alone can interpret.Because dreams are as natural as flowers to a palnt and as unique as an individual. Yet the collective archetypal symbols of human race when they appear in our dream can be of much help for us to understand our dreams and to enhance self help, self healing. This book of Therese E Duckett (Body , mind and spirit tries to answer questions like how we dream and why dreams appear and how we can know and interpret dreams for our own healing experiences. The two important aspects which she has mentioned in her book that the chakras are energy systems of our body and the Nadi are the enrgy channnels which transport energy throughout our being are as old as human race and these concepts are day to day applications in my country ( India) in its Musicology, Yoga, Thanthra, and other major arts and sciences including Astronomy and the cosmos.It is interesting to note that after the pioneering dream analysis studies and Mandala symbolism of Carl Gustav Jung such sanskrit terms have entered regular psychological science of the west .As a health Professional and author and a researcher in Indology and comparative sciences of East and west I have come across such sharing of science between west and East during 3 periods in history .1 During time of Buddha ancient Greece and India shared wisdom. 2 During time of Alexander and Aristotle Alexandria and India shared wisdom 3 After 14th century when Vas Co da Gama first entered India an intense sharing of science happened between Europe and India which with entry of the English language in India became fully flourished by several translations of sanskrit texts to English by the Asiatic society. In all these instances India and her sanskrit words (vocabulary) and meanings attached to it has influenced the west and invoked a renaissance of thoughts there.The dream and dream analysis which is as old as human race itself is a very special branch of science and art in Indian science and philosophy and the percolation of its methods to west through Freud and Jung has revolutionised thought processes in science. Chakra, Nadi, and Mandala are only a few examples for this. But , they represent the most fundamental symbols of thought for energy transfer and total transformation of human psyche , the atainment of enlightenment (BODHI) or consciousness of consciousness. Since this book is a book on dreams and their role in our life for a positive change , it is worth reading .
Dr Suvarna Nalapat

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About the author (2010)

Therese E. Duckett is an Australian psychologist. Her Masters thesis was entitled ‘The children of Holocaust survivors and the transmission of trauma through dreams and nightmares’. Before becoming a psychologist, Therese was a teacher and later a counsellor for Palliative Care and the Alzheimer’s Association. She has also facilitated dream workshops and taught hundreds of people how to record and understand their dreams. DREAMS SPEAK is her first book.

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