Drugging a Nation: The Story of China and the Opium Curse; a Personal Investigation, During an Extended Tour, of the Present Conditions of the Opium Trade in China and Its Effects Upon the Nation

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F. H. Revell comapny, 1908 - China - 210 pages

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Page 26 - Were it possible to prevent the use of the drug altogether, except strictly for the purpose of medicine, we would gladly do it in compassion to mankind ; but this being absolutely impracticable, we can only endeavour to regulate and palliate an evil which cannot be eradicated.
Page 31 - We would now, then, concert with your honorable sovereignty means to bring to a perpetual end this opium, so hurtful to mankind: we in this land forbidding the use of it, — and you, in the nations under your dominion, forbidding its manufacture.
Page 26 - I might justly say, that no man entertains a deeper detestation of the disgrace and sin of this forced traffic on the coast of China, than the humble individual who signs this despatch. I see little to choose between it and piracy...
Page 12 - Statement Exhibiting the Moral and Material Progress of India during the year 1905-6," and which was ordered by the House of Commons, to be printed, May loth, 1907.
Page 39 - ... native opium, — not because we approve of it, but — to compete with and drive out the foreign drug, and it is expelling it, and when we have only the native production to deal with, and thus have the business in our own hands, we hope to stop the habit in our own way.
Page 31 - Though not making use of it one's self, to venture nevertheless on the manufacture and sale of it, and with it to seduce the simple folk of this land, is, to seek one's own livelihood by the exposure of others to death, to seek one's own advantage by other men's injury. And such acts are bitterly abhorrent to the nature of man— are utterly opposed to the ways of Heaven.
Page 19 - ... not to stoop beneath the taking in of profits ; it leaves the details of a dirty business to dirty hands. This is as it has been from the first. The directors of the East India Company, years and years before that splendid corporation relinquished the actual government of India, forbade the sending of its specially-prepared opium direct to China, and advised a trading station on the coast whence the drug might find its way, " without the company being exposed to the disgrace of being engaged...
Page 162 - ... permitted to import opium into any of the ports of the United States, and citizens of the United States shall not be permitted to import opium into any of the open ports of Chosen, to transport it from one open port to another open port, or to traffic in it in Chosen.
Page 15 - In the monopoly districts, the cultivator receives advances from Government to enable him to prepare the land for the crop, and he is bound to sell the whole of the produce at a fixed price to Government agents, by whom it is despatched to the Government factories at Patna and Ghazipur to be prepared for the market.
Page 162 - States mutually agree and undertake that Chinese subjects shall not be permitted to import opium into any of the ports of the United States; and citizens of the United States shall not be permitted to import opium into any of the open ports of China...

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