Duplicate Whist

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A. C. McClurg, 1891 - Duplicate whist - 110 pages

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Page 65 - A candidate wishing to enter a table must declare such intention prior to any of . the players having cut a card, either for the purpose of commencing a' fresh rubber, or of cutting out.
Page 66 - ... and cut again ; if there is any confusion of the cards or doubt as to the place where the pack was separated, there must be a new cut. 12. If the dealer reshuffles the pack after it has been properly cut, he loses his deal. DEALING. 13. When the pack...
Page 66 - If, whilst dealing, a card be exposed by the dealer or his partner, should neither of the adversaries have touched the cards, the latter can claim a new deal ; a card exposed by either adversary gives that claim to the dealer, provided that his partner has not touched a card ; if a new deal does not take place, the exposed card cannot be called.
Page 71 - If any one omit playing to a former trick, and such error be not discovered until he has played to the next...
Page 67 - ... 45- A misdeal does not lose the deal if, during the dealing, either of the adversaries touch the cards prior to the dealer's partner having done so ; but should the latter have first interfered with the cards, notwithstanding either or both of the adversaries have subsequently done the same, the deal is lost.
Page 70 - If a player called on to lead a suit have none of it, the penalty is paid. CARDS PLAYED IN ERROR, OR NOT PLAYED TO A TRICK.
Page 73 - If any one, prior to his partner playing, calls attention in any manner to the trick or to the score, the adversary last to play to the trick may require the offender's partner to play his highest or lowest of the suit led, or, if he has none, to trump or not to trump...
Page 70 - If any player lead out of turn, and the other three have followed him, the trick is complete, and the error cannot be rectified; but if only the second, or the second and third have played to the false lead, their cards, on discovery of the mistake...
Page 72 - ... any player or players who have played after him may withdraw their cards and substitute others : the cards withdrawn are not liable to be called.
Page 65 - If a player exposes more than one card he must cut again. Drawing cards from the outspread pack may be resorted to in place of cutting. SHUFFLING. 8. Before every deal, the cards must be shuffled. When two packs are used, the dealer's partner must collect and shuffle the cards for the ensuing deal and place them at his right hand. In all cases the dealer may shuffle last.

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