Dwelling Houses: Code of Suggestions for Construction and Fire Protection Recommended by the National Board of Fire Underwriters, New York, to Safeguard Homes and Lives Against the Ravages of Fire

Front Cover
P. De Baun & Company, 1916 - Dwellings - 115 pages

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Page 58 - Wood furring strips placed around chimneys to support base or other trim shall be insulated from the masonry by asbestos paper, at least...
Page 67 - REGISTERS. Registers located over a brick furnace shall be supported by a brick shaft built up from the cover of the hot-air chamber ; said shaft shall be lined with a metal pipe, and all wood beams shall be trimmed away not less than four inches from it. Where a register is placed on any woodwork in connection with a metal pipe or duct, the end of...
Page 52 - No chimney shall be started or built upon any floor or beam of wood. In no case shall a chimney be corbeled out more than eight inches from the wall, and in all such cases the corbeling shall consist of at least five courses of brick.
Page 23 - Foundation walls shall be construed to include all walls and piers built below the curb level, or nearest tier of beams to the curb, to serve as supports for walls, piers, columns, girders, posts or beams.
Page 67 - All wood boxes or casings inclosing steam or hot water heating pipes and all wood covers to recesses in walls in which steam or hot water heating pipes are placed, shall be lined with metal.
Page 25 - ... every sixth course shall be bonded into the backing by cutting the course of the face brick and putting in diagonal headers behind the same, or by splitting the face brick in half and backing the same with a continuous row of headers. Where face brick is used of a different thickness from the brick used for...
Page 24 - ... and eight inches thick to the under side of the sill. If the foundation and first story walls are constructed of brick the foundation walls shall be not less than twelve inches thick to the first tier of beams and eight inches thick from...
Page 86 - ... 6. No fire-stops shall be covered or in any manner concealed from view until approved in writing by the Superintendent, who shall inspect the same within 48 hours after receiving written notice. Sundays and legal holidays excepted. 7. Pipes, Shafts and Belts. All exposed pipes or power shafting passing through any floor or wall shall have the surrounding air space closed off at the ceiling and the floor line; also on each side of the wall by close fitting metal caps. See Note, Sec. 183. In fireproof...
Page 32 - ... girders. 281. Wood columns and posts. 282. Bolting. 283. Stud partitions. 284. Fire stops. 280. Wood beams and girders. 1. Width of beams. 280 No wood floor or roof beam used in any building hereafter erected within the fire limits shall be less than three inches thick. 2. Supports. Every wood beam, except header and tail beams, shall have bearings of at least four inches. The *As amended by ord.
Page 55 - The header beam, carrying the tail beams of a floor, and supporting the trimmer arch in front of a fireplace, shall be not less than twenty inches from the chimney breast.

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