Dzian: the Koans of New Time

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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Mar 25, 2012 - 148 pages
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Dzian is the book of Wisdom. What is wisdom?The book helps reach your Higher Self, intuition, and increase intuitive possibilities. Readers begin to orient better in each of their days and situations. The book helps become conscious and understand everything that is taking place in life. Poetic stanzas are interwoven with Stars and the Sound of Celestial Spheres. Dzian is for all who seek Truth in spirit of their hearts. Wisdom is simple but genius today, always, forever. Poetic koans are beyond nations, states; they are within creativeness of Beauty of the Universe. With Stars, we begin to purify our consciousness from the dogma and open our heart to all-pervading Beauty of Cosmos, our True Nature.

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This is a very important book for all of us. It does indeed speak to the heart of each person and embraces the wisdom that is timeless. I find it is much more transparent than the Rig Vedas Hymns and is revelation. Poetic, illuminating and indeed enlightening. I am grateful I know it and can return to it every time I work with people and the world. I think all people will find wisdom there, perhaps for each of us it will open our individual Divine qualities, intrinsic to Buddhahood.  

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