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Page 57 - equal to VT¿ this force will be at right angles to the plane of the paper and in the opposite direction to the magnetic force existing at P before the stoppage of the particle; since its magnitude is given by the equation,
Page 48 - These results support the view that the whole mass of these electrified particles arises from their charge. We have seen that if we regard the Faraday tubes associated with these moving particles as being those due to a moving point charge, and
Page 5 - as the square of the distance which was inspired by the discovery of gravitation could be brought to bear on electrical phenomena. As long as we confine ourself to questions which only involve the law of forces between electrified bodies, and the simultaneous production of equal quantities of
Page 89 - is a gain of positive electrification to the place where there is a gain of negative. A positively electrified body is one that has lost some of its corpuscles. We have seen that the mass and charge of the corpuscles have been determined directly by experiment. We in fact know more about the “electric fluid” than we know about such fluids as air or water.
Page 24 - according to Newton's Third Law of Motion, Action and Reaction are equal and opposite,
Page 20 - steady motion of a charged sphere. If the velocity of the sphere is small compared with that of light then the Faraday tubes will, as when the sphere is at rest, be uniformly distributed and radial in direction. They will be carried along with the sphere. If e is the charge on the sphere,
Page 122 - Keyser have shown the existence in the spectra of elements of the same group series of lines having properties in many respects analogous to those we have described.. Another point of interest given by Mayer's experiments is that there is more than one stable configuration for the same number of magnets; these configurations
Page 160 - each gram of the gravitating body must be enormously greater than that given out in the same time by one gram of radium. We have seen in the first chapter that waves of electric and magnetic force pOssess momentum in their direction of propagation; we might therefore replace Le Sage's corpuscles by very penetrating Röntgen rays.
Page 18 - to the negatively charged plate; this is, as we know, accompanied by a magnetic force between the plates. This magnetic force is at right angles to the plane of the paper and equal to

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