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Pàgina 71 - in any triangle, the sum of two sides is to their difference as the tangent of half the sum of the angles opposite to those sides is to the tangent of half their difference.
Pàgina 128 - A ladder, 40 feet long, can be so planted, that it shall reach a window 33 feet from the ground, on one side of the street; and by turning it over, without moving the foot, it will do the
Pàgina v - 9 is a proper fraction. The logarithm of every number between 10 and 100 is some number between 1 and 2, i. e., is 1 plus a fraction. The logarithm of every number between 100 and 1000 is some number between 2 and 3, ie
Pàgina v - and Division by substituting in their stead Addition and Subtrac tion. All numbers are regarded as powers of some one number, which is called the base of the system ; and the exponent of that power of the base which is equal to a given number, is called the logarithm of
Pàgina 4 - the logarithm of the m th root of a number is equal to the logarithm of the number divided by the index of the root LOGARITHMS.
Pàgina 130 - A point of land was observed by a ship at sea, to bear east-by-south; and after sailing north-east 12 miles, it was found to bear southeast-by-east. It is required to determine the place of that headland and the ship's distance from it at the last observation. Ans. 26.0728 miles.
Pàgina vi - one less than the number of integral figures in the given number. Thus the logarithm of 297 is 2 plus a fraction ; that is, the characteristic of the logarithm of 297 is 2, which is one less than the number

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