E-Education and the Web, Issue 1

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iUniverse, May 9, 2006 - Education
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This Brochure on E-education, Nr. 1, focuses the Web in education, inparticular E-education (Electronically Enhanced Education). The textaccomplishes many thoughts and observations laid down in the four2004-2006 Volumes on The Principles of E-education. E-education could notemerge without the Web as an icon for electronic communication andtechnique. Together with the Net, cyberspace's concepts shaped majordomains of modern society, including norms as well as thought patterns andbehaviors. E-education covers one of the most influential culturalcomplexities-intergenerational transference-and is by no means identicalwith the Web or the Internet. This is one of the interesting perspectives of theBrochure.

Students and teachers who experience 'being online', and develop a positiveattitude in that regard, are not unbalanced involved in or even enslaved bythe Web. E-education integrates Web elements, its data and its Internetprovisions with non-electronic devices. Those form a specific EducationEnvironment that sustains the acquiring of a variety of skills, insights andattitudes, which are ultimately the outset of a well-educated citizen. Theirestablishment of Intranet Sites is a special form of using the Web, with manyguarantees not to become involved in the Internet mediated Web vices. Thebrochure explains how parental fears that their kids will via E-educationautomatically enter problematic sites, spend time in Internet-driven chatboxes or mail systems, or operate Internet-related handhelds withinappropriate films and texts, are misled in not appreciating the differencebetween an education Intranet and the Web-related Internet.

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