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C. Scribner's Sons, 1891 - 431 pages
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Page 434 - There are few living American writers who can reproduce for us more perfectly than Mr. Cable does, in his best moments, the speech, the manners, the whole social atmosphere of a remote time and a peculiar people.
Page 440 - Of Mr. Stockton's stories what is there to say, but that they are an unmixed blessing and delight? He is surely one of the most inventive of talents, discovering not only a new kind in humor and fancy, but accumulating an inexhaustible wealth of details in each fresh achievement, the least of which would be riches from another hand.
Page 24 - Is to her the gods were used to, — Is to grand Greek Aphrodite, Sprung from seas. You are just a porcelain trifle, "Belle Marquise!
Page 23 - Others might have been content with the roseleaf tint and star eyes. Carl Seymour was not. He was a man apt to be a little sarcastic and severe upon women of the world ; and as he watched Kate Davenant, he thought of the marquise again, and wondered if the application was not correct. " You are just a porcelain trifle, Belle Marquise...
Page 439 - Saxe Holm's Stories. FIRST SERIES.— Draxy Miller's Dowry— The Elder's Wife— Whose Wife Was She?— The One-Legged Dancers— How One Woman Kept Her Husband — Esther Wynn's Love Letters.
Page 436 - Fiction has afforded no more charming glimpses of old Virginia life than are found in this delightful story, with its quaint pictures, its admirably drawn characters, its wit, and its frankness.
Page 149 - Two weeks of this would be impossible ! But it was over at length, and she rose from the table and touched the bell. " We will go up to the nursery now," she said, to the children. " You know we have to finish that story, Johnny.
Page 437 - ETW Hoffmann. WEIRD TALES. With Portrait (I2mo, 2 vols., $3.00). " Hoffmann knew how to construct a ghost story quite as skilfully as Poe, and with a good deal more sense of reality. All those who are in search of a genuine literary sensation, or who care for the marvelous and supernatural, will find these two volumes fascinating reading.
Page 437 - This novel is of the good old-fashioned, exciting kind. Though it is a sea story, all the action is not on board ship. There is a well-developed mystery, and while it is in no sense sensational, readers may be assured that they will...

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