Early English Text Society: Extra series, Issue 64

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Early English Text Society, 1893 - Crusades - 348 pages
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Page 311 - Caxton to thende that euery cristen man may be the better encoraged tenterprise warre for the defense of Cristendom. and to recouer the sayd Cyte of Jherusalem in whiche oure blessyd sauyour Jhesu Criste suffred deth for al mankynde. and roose fro deth to lyf /And fro the same holy londe ascended in to heuen.
Page 4 - I fynde fyrst the gloryous, most excellent in his tyme, and fyrst founder of the Round Table, Kyng Arthur, kyng of the Brytons, that tyme regnyng in this royamme, of whos retenue were many noble kynges, prynces, lordes, and knyghtes, of which the noblest were knyghtes of the Round Table, of whos actes and historyes there be large volumes, and bookes grete plenty and many.
Page 311 - Jherusalem with many other historyes therin comprysed / Fyrst of Eracles/ and of the meseases of the cristen men in the holy londe/ And of their releef 3 conquest of Jherusalem' and how Go deffroy of boloyue was first kyng of the latyns in that royamme ~j of his deth.
Page 311 - Cristen peple one vnyed in a veray peas/myght empryse to goo theder in pylgremage with strong honde for to expelle the sarasyns and turkes out of the same that our lord myght be ther seruyd & worshipped of his chosen cristen peple in that holy & blessyd londe in which he was Jncarnate and blissyd it with the presence of his blessyd body whyles he was here in erthe emonge vs/by whiche conquest we myght deserue after this present short and transitorye lyf.
Page viii - ... explained by the speed at which he was working than by an incomplete knowledge of the language. That he worked at a furious tempo is accepted by all editors of his works and is abundantly proved by the sheer bulk of his printed work. A comment on one of his translations from the French is typical: " On the whole, he understands his French, although there are incorrect renderings here and there, owing more to hasty reading, it seems, than to actual ignorance.
Page 312 - I presente vnto the mooste Cristen kynge kynge Edward the fourth, humbly besechyng his hyenes to take no displesyr at me so presumyng.
Page 39 - In thise dayes happed a thynge, that moche lyft vp his herte to poursue his enterprise, £For this good man, whan he had taken this message and charge therof, he wente moche ofter than he was woonte to doo to the holy places in the cyte. and cam on an euentide to the chirche of the holy sepulchre, and made there his prayers deuoutly with grete plente of teeris, After this he sleepte vpon the pamente, & hym semed that our saueour Jhesu Criste cam to fore hym and charged hym self to doo this message,...
Page 62 - And doubted moche that they whan they were entred in to his londe, wolde auenge thoccision that was doon by falsehed and trayson vpon the peple of godechan. ffor the rumoure and spec-he was moche yet of that fowle and vylanous fayte thurgh out al the londe, They that sawe that they myght not passe in to the londe. prayd them of the fortresse that they wold...
Page 39 - And said to hym petre aryse vp hastely, and goo surely thedyr as thou hast enterprysed, ffor I shal be with the, It is now tyme from hens forth, that my holy cyte be clensed, and that my peple be socoured, Petre awoke in this poynt and was fro than for thon more abandouned vnto the wayeand also sure as his journeye and message had be doon, he entermed and appoynted his departyng for to doo his erande, And had leue and benediction of the patriarke, he descended doun to the see...
Page 3 - ... haue wreton many a noble hystorye as wel in metre as in prose. By whiche thactes and noble fayttes of thauncyent conquerours ben had in remembraunce. and remayne in grete.

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