Early and Imperial Rome: Or, Promenade Lectures on the Archaeology of Rome

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E. Stock, 1884 - 246 strán (strany)

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Strana 197 - And we shall not be far wrong, if we determine its date as about the end of the fourth, or the beginning of the fifth century before Christ. 3. In the critical work on the Four Books, called ' Record of Remarks in the village of Yung1,' it is observed, ' The Analects, in my opinion, were made by the disciples, just like this record of remarks.
Strana 212 - In CHRIST. In the time of the Emperor Adrian, Marius, a young military officer, who had lived long enough, when, with his blood, he gave up his life for CHRIST. At length he rested in peace. The well-deserving set up this with tears and in fear. On the 6th Ides of December.
Strana 31 - The loves of the Vestal and the God of War, the cradle laid among the reeds of Tiber, the fig-tree, the shewolf, the shepherd's cabin, the recognition, the fratricide, the rape of the Sabines, the death of Tarpeia, the fall of Hostus Hostilius, the struggle of Mettus Curtius through the marsh, the women rushing with torn raiment and dishevelled hair between their fathers and...
Strana 72 - The Palatine, proud Rome's imperial seat, (An awful pile!) stands venerably great: Thither the kingdoms and the nations come, In supplicating crowds to learn their doom; To Delphi less th...
Strana 173 - From these stately palaces issued a swarm of dirty and ragged plebeians, without shoes and without a mantle; who loitered away whole days in the street or Forum to hear news and to hold disputes; who dissipated in extravagant gaming the miserable pittance of their wives and children; and spent the hours of the night in obscure taverns and brothels in the indulgence of gross and vulgar sensuality.
Strana 213 - In Christ. Alexander is not dead, but lives beyond the stars, and his body rests in this tomb. He lived under the Emperor Antonine, who, foreseeing that great benefit would result from his services, returned evil for good. For, while on his knees, and about to sacrifice to the true God, he was led away to execution.
Strana 34 - And trims his helmet's plume ; When the goodwife's shuttle merrily Goes flashing through the loom ; With weeping and with laughter Still is the story told, How well Horatius kept the bridge In the brave days of old.
Strana 173 - The walls of the lofty apartments were covered with curious mosaics, that imitated the art of the pencil in the elegance of design and the variety of colours.
Strana 7 - Romanae conditor arcis:/ >haec nemora indigenae Fauni Nymphaeque tenebant/ gensque virum truncis et duro robore nata,/ quis neque mos neque cultus erat, nec iungere tauros/ aut componere opes norant aut parcere parto,/ sed rami atque asper victu venatus alebat...
Strana 31 - Pollux, the defence of Cremera, the touching story of Coriolanus, the still more touching story of Virginia, the wild legend about the draining of the Alban lake, the combat between Valerius Corvus and the gigantic Gaul, are among the many instances which will at once suggest themselves to every reader.

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