EARTH DREAM AWAKENING: "To Help Found a New World"

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Trafford Publishing, Aug 15, 2012 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 440 pages
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"All that has happened in the past, all of Earth's history, man has created in his dream. And the end of time will come when man wakes up and realizes he has been dreaming."

Suddenly, a young family wrests themselves from life in a North American city to seek a rustic existence close to nature and a circle of new friends in mountain valleys of British Columbia. But that is only one of the levels to this story. For David and Kelly (Siofra) are a mystic and a psychic on an out-of-the-ordinary quest inspired by higher energy presences, Moita and Amar. How will their "experiment in communication between worlds" illuminate the process of planetary rebirth that will accelerate years later . . . in the "awakening" of 2012 and beyond?

"This time period is a crossroads. Paths before you lead into the future—some not pleasant, some extremely promising. We are here to help you choose the road that leads not to destruction but that leads to life, and to this change of man and his awareness, to the reuniting of [our] worlds."

Among facets of this visionary yet down-to-earth adventure: helping persons in crisis to unlock their hearts, find their new balance; deepening our sense of community as a core group risks old selves in order to truly meet; confronting dark energies across lifetimes, undoing man's obsession with power; seeing that the planet's upheavals now mirror our own—as a vast evolution in consciousness comes full circle, aided by higher-dimensional beings; and the Earth Mother voicing her plea for man to awaken as a willing partner.

"We are entering a New Age of humanity. Instead of man creating only on his own, set apart from the rest of the universe, this time he is involved in a co-creation—and we are the co-creators. Those who are here have arrived to help found a new world."

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This is the third volume in David Letts’ Mind Leap series. The series as a whole deals with the experiences David and his associates had
in trying to create a lifestyle appropriate to a new age, and the guidance they receive for doing this along with powerful spiritual teachings about the significance of the major transformations our planet is experiencing at this time in history. Although the material covered here is based on events that took place around 1979-1982, it anticipates developments that are unfolding at this very moment. We are definitely in a transition from one age to another. Various phenomena attest to this, including earth changes, UFOs, and crop circles. Foremost is the communication that is taking place between levels of incarnation.
This book is so packed with information that only a couple of samples can be given here. One pattern that emerges is that even very close relationships can have a limited life. David started with one woman who did channeling, as told earlier in the series, but a stronger bond developed with another, here called Kelly (Siofra Bradigan), who channeled the powerful but most gracious spirit called Moita. Other dramatic spirits come through Kelly later in the book – Amar and Gaia. By the end of the book we are seeing transformations taking place in the David/Kelly relationship as others’ lives mesh with theirs, showing that people go through personal changes as they navigate major consciousness changes.
It is ironic that a “new atheism” is currently having a vogue among supposed literate people who remain clueless about phenomenal realities that have been taking place in these times. In a way, different worlds are coexisting. Which brings us to perhaps the most dramatic statement made by Moita: that there will be a physical separation of these worlds. Here are her words: “Some will not be able to accept newness and change because they have been unable to do so in their own development for a long time... They are fearful and afraid and not read to enter a New Age... They are choosing not to stay and try to work through [man’s problems on earth]... They will be given an opportunity to develop in another place, on another earth, and start the cycle again.” (Well before reading this, I’ve had the notion that the Christian concept of the rapture would not be a levitation of the faithful above the fray of Armageddon, but a being whisked away to a planet of re-education.)
Moita has much to say about the commission of those who will stay “to help found a new world,” and I highly recommend that interested readers devour this book to get a handle on why they chose to come into the world as pioneers at this particular time when Earth’s very reality is changing. Finally, this is not the last of the Mind Leap series, but David expects to take some time summarizing the lessons learned in that dramatic time of his life.
Elihu Edelson, publisher
Both Sides Now – A Journal of Lightworking, Peacemaking, & Consciousness
No. 119-120 (Winter 2012/2013)

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