Earth's Kingdom Age Regeneration

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Booktango, Mar 13, 2012 - Body, Mind & Spirit
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Dare to read the story of the end where "Left Behind" left off. For within this novel called "Earth's Kingdom Age Regeneration" people shall come to understand that our old heavens and earth were always fated by our Lord of The Regeneration to be reworked, renewed, and totally redone, after the most fiery cup of our Almighty's wrath swiftly burned everything down to their crispy roots. Even Jesus prophesied the following regeneration of earth's following beautification in the book of Matthew. So sit back, and prepare to have your socks blessed right off of your feet, as a past tense version of what happened during that era is presented fictionally in a fantastic retrospective.: "And just as our Bible foresaw, not even a blade of grass was eventually left on our totally destroyed planet. For the desolate time of Jehovah's apocalypse was much more devastating than any of history's very worse cataclysms. But His most outstanding love was also then speedily deposited all over the smouldering circle of our blackened earth. And just like some miraculous seeds of a new creation, Elohim then allowed many brand new green things to grow like crazy; For it came to pass that the mythical phoenix seemingly arose again ever so mightily in the hard blowing breezes of some very wondrous wonders. And there's no doubt that from the ashes of nothingness many sudden somethings suddenly sprouted upwards to become one of God's most marvellous marvels to behold. 'twas therefore a day of awe, a day of amazement. "Twas also a day of shock and a day of many WOWS. Nor was that most remarkable re-Genesis anything less than utterly fantastic. For our entire grateful world of some blessed second chances was always destined to become Eden like once again, in every way, so God's people could easily spread all over a much drier globe, just as Revelation 21 long ago foresaw. And after the age of the Lion and the Lamb finally came and went, our New Jerusalem was soon fated to come on down to earth from on high........for the rest of eternity. And from then onwards, everyone that was called to live on our remade world would easily be enabled to walk upon the most beautiful streets of some transparent gleaming gold. Nor would any of those blessed saints ever have to travel up to our seventh heavens on the gentle winds of Christ's very best winds of true prosperity. For it came to pass that prosperity then came forth unexpectedly like a hurricane that was rolled up within many hard hitting typhoons. Even a few blistery tornadoes were thrown into into the mix so that true successfulness could finally become the most blessed inheritance for everyone that chose to bend their knees towards the overflowing beneficence that swept in like a gale of the greatest good from the ever twinkling fields of our Father of Many Distant Lights.

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