Easy Stories

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Ginn & Company, 1900 - Readers - 152 pages

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Page 134 - Ah, no, good rosebush," the robin said, " I should not dare to trust my nest among your leaves and blossoms." Then the apple tree said, " Build your nest in my branches, pretty robin. I will rock your baby robins and sing them to sleep with my rustling leaves.
Page 83 - Where are you going?" said a fly to a bee. " I am going to get some sweet juice out of this flower," answered the bee. "What are you going to do with the juice?" asked the fly. " I am going to make it into honey,
Page 134 - Where shall I build my nest? " said a robin one day in spring. " Build it here among my leaves, dear robin," answered the rosebush ; " I shall soon be thickly covered with leaves and with beautiful blossoms, so no one will see your nest.
Page 128 - WHAT THE SLATE WISHED. The schoolroom was very quiet, for all the children had gone home. The sun had set some time before, and there was only a faint light in the room.
Page 113 - AND THE CAT. A sparrow was sitting on the top of a fence singing a sweet little song. An old cat heard him, and came down that way.
Page 103 - DID. • Harold is a little boy who always wants to do what he sees other people do. One day he saw his father wind up the clock and set it. " I think I could do that,
Page 104 - ... floor. His cries soon brought his mother to the room. How frightened she was when she saw him ! "What is the matter, dear?" she said as she took him up. " I was going to wind up the clock and it struck me,
Page 104 - A few days afterwards, when there was no one in the room, he made up his mind to try. He climbed up on the table, reached up, and opened the door of the clock. Just as he did so, the clock struck.
Page 129 - All at once the reading book said, " Well, slate, if I could n't spell any better than you can, I would try very hard to learn. Now, you never see a misspelled word on my pages, but I see three words spelled wrong on you.
Page 129 - s no fault of mine. You see that careless little Harry does make me spell so that I really feel ashamed of myself.

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