Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Down, Connor, and Dromore, Consisting of a Taxation of Those Dioceses, Compiled in the Year MCCCVI.; with Notes and Illustrations

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William Reeves
Hodges and Smith, 1847 - Ireland - 436 pages

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Page 109 - The diocese of Down, in its present extent, is a collection of smaller sees, which have been reduced to the condition of parishes, and of districts which in primitive times were not assigned to any diocese.
Page 183 - ... and such is expressly stated by Bede to have surrounded the church and monastery of the island of Lindisfarne, which were erected by an Irishman from Hy, and most likely after the model of the parent institution. The historian, in his Life of i ViU 8.
Page 182 - ... oval formed by the outer rings. Near the centre of this platform stood the church, of which nothing but the foundations remain. On clearing away the rubbish it was found that they measured 58 feet 4 inches in length, and 22 feet 4 inches in breadth. The gable walls were 3 feet thick, and the side walls 3 feet 4 inches. The building...
Page 253 - I drove my spear through him, so that the spear entered the earth at the other side of him, and its iron head was left buried in the earth. This is the very handle that was in that spear. The round stone from which I made that shot will be found, and east of it will be found the iron head of the spear buried in the earth ; and the uliudh [earn] of Fothadh Airgthech will be found a short distance to the east of it.
Page 139 - Annals,' and this undesigned coincidence is the more interesting because the testimonies are perfectly independent, the one being afforded by Irish records which never left the kingdom, and the other by a Latin composition, which has been a thousand years absent from the country where it was written.
Page 241 - Fiunt de medio barbaricae leges, romanae introducuntur, recipiuntur ubique ecclesiasticae consuetudines, contrariae reiiciuntur, reaedificantur basilicae, 50 ordinatur clerus in illis, sacramentorum rite solemnia celebrantur. Confessiones fiunt, ad ecclesiam conveniunt plebes, concubinatus honestat celebritas nuptiarum. Postremo sic mutata in melius omnia...
Page 111 - Pascha, quarta decima luna post tequinoctium vernale, celebrabant : et quod excommunicatum esset ab una ecelesia omnes excommunicabant. Mulierum administrationem et consortia non respuebant : quia super petram Christum fundati, ventum tentationis non timebant. Hie ordo sanctorum per quaterna duravit regna, hoc est, pro tempore Lseogarii, et Aila Muilt, et Lugada filio La'ogarii, et Tuathail. Hi omnes episcopi de Ilomanis, et Francis, et Britonibus, et Scotis exorti sunt.
Page 74 - In the morning, they find small transparent stones, of an amber colour, in the bottom of the well, which (if you believe them) grew there the night before, and will preserve those that carry one about them, from any loss by fire and water. These stones are to be found there at any time, yet the natives thereabouts will not be convinced of it.
Page 147 - Rome established bushopps in this kingdome, and decreed that every corbe or herenagh should give unto the bushopps (within whose dioces he lived) a yerely pension, more or less, accordinge to his proportion, out of his entire erenachie...
Page 216 - ... the inside eight feet. On the west side of it is an irregular gap about ten feet from the top, near a third of the whole circumference being broken off by the injury of time. The entrance into it is two feet and a half wide, and placed on a level with the surface of the ground...

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