Economic Report of the President Transmitted to the Congress

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1953
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Reports for Jan. 1949- include: The annual economic review by the Council of Economic Advisers (July issue has title: The economic situation at midyear).

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130 페이지 - Each member shall be a person who, as a result of his training, experience, and attainments...
130 페이지 - ... desirable. (b) The President may transmit from time to time to the Congress reports supplementary to the Economic Report, each of which shall include such supplementary or revised recommendations as he may deem necessary or desirable to achieve the policy declared in section 2.
138 페이지 - Prepared by the President and transmitted to the Senate and the House of Representatives in Congress assembled, April 24, 1958, pursuant to the provisions of the Reorganization Act of 1949, approved June 20, 1949, as amended CIVILIAN MOBILIZATION SECTION 1.
132 페이지 - March 1 of each year (beginning with the year 1947) to file a report with the Senate and the House of Representatives containing its findings and recommendations with respect to each of the main recommendations made by the President in the Economic Report, and from time to time to make other reports and recommendations to the Senate and House of Representatives as it deems advisable.
132 페이지 - USC 99). or of any other Federal law Imposing restrictions, requirements, or penalties In relation to the employment of persons, the performance of services, or the payment or receipt of compensation In connection with any claim, proceeding, or matter Involving the United States...
130 페이지 - President studies relating to such conditions and trends; (3) to review and appraise the various programs and activities of the Federal Government in the light of the policy set forth in title 1 of this Act for the purpose of determining the extent to which such programs and activities are contributing to the achievement of such policy, and to make recommendations to the President with respect thereto...
187 페이지 - East North Central Ohio Indiana Illinois Michigan Wisconsin West North Central Minnesota Iowa Missouri North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Kansas South Atlantic Delaware Maryland District of Columbia Virginia West Virginia North Carolina...
131 페이지 - Report, to be composed of seven Members of the Senate, to be appointed by the President of the Senate, and seven Members of the House of Representatives, to be appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The party representation on the joint committee shall as nearly as may be feasible reflect the relative membership of the majority and minority parties in the Senate and House of Representatives.
132 페이지 - Congress, as an attorney or expert for the joint committee, in any business or professional field, on a part-time basis, with or without compensation, shall not be considered as service or employment bringing such individual within the provisions of sections 281, 283, or 284 of title 18, of the United States Code...
132 페이지 - The joint committee shall select a chairman and a vice chairman from among its members. (d) The joint committee, or any duly authorized subcommittee thereof, is authorized to hold such hearings, to sit and act at such places and times, to require, by subpena or otherwise, the attendance of such witnesses and the production of such books, papers, and documents, to administer such oaths, to take such testimony, to procure such printing and binding, and to make such expenditures as it deems advisable.

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