Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, Том 40

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A. and C. Black, 1833

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Сторінка 157 - ... none are, perhaps, so wonderful as those which have been recently brought to light, in consequence of the philosophical inquiries occasioned by the medical pretensions of Mesmer and his associates. That these pretensions involved much of ignorance, or of imposture, or of both, in their authors, has, I think, been fully demonstrated in the very able report of the French Academicians ; but does it follow from this, that the facts witnessed and authenticated by these Academicians should share in...
Сторінка 148 - When in this situation he is said to obtain a clear knowledge of his own internal mental .and bodily state, is enabled to calculate, with accuracy, the phenomena of disease which will naturally and inevitably occur, and to determine what are their most appropriate and effectual remedies. He is also said to possess the same power of internal inspection with regard to other persons who have been placed in magnetic connection with him.
Сторінка 158 - Nor can I see any good reason why a physician, who admits the efficacy of the moral agents employed by Mesmer, should, in the exercise of his profession, scruple to copy whatever processes are necessary for subjecting them to his command...
Сторінка 144 - ... 21. This system sheds new light upon the nature of fire and of light, as well as on the theory of attraction, of flux and reflux, of the magnet and of electricity.
Сторінка 245 - ... that it generally afforded relief. Upon accurately examining the internal part of the mouth with the finger, it was ascertained that the tumour originated in the superior maxillary bone, which corroborated the patient's statement ; and that in its progress it had gradually extended backward into the palatine portion of the mouth, and been pressed forwards and downwards upon the lower jaw by the action of the cheek ; where, by its long continued growth and increasing pressure, it had produced...
Сторінка 293 - In addition to the usual appearance in drowned persons, we discovered nearly four ounces of fluid in the ventricles, having all the physical qualities of alcohol, as proved by the united testimony of two other medical men, who saw the body opened, and examined the fluid.
Сторінка 205 - New Views of the Process of Defecation, and their Application to the Pathology and Treatment of Diseases of the Stomach, Bowels, and other Organs ; together with an Analytical Correction of Sir Charles Bell's Views respecting the Nerves of the Face.
Сторінка 143 - There exists a reciprocal influence between the heavenly bodies, the earth, and animated beings.

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