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New England Publishing Company, 1901 - Education
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Page 230 - Careless seems the great Avenger: history's pages but record One death grapple in the darkness, twixt old systems and the word: Truth forever on the scaffold, wrong forever on the throne— Yet that scaffold sways the future, and behind the dim unknown Standeth God, within the shadow, keeping watch above his own.
Page 123 - A system of general instruction which shall reach every description of our citizens, from the richest to the poorest, as it was my earliest, so shall it be the latest of all the public concerns in which I shall permit myself to take an interest.
Page 123 - every township ... of the number of fifty households shall appoint one within their town to teach all such children as shall resort to him to write and read.
Page 112 - leading human souls to what is best and making what is best out of them " ; " You do not educate a man by telling him what he knew not, but by making him what he was not.
Page 458 - Although my book is intended mainly for the entertainment of boys and girls, I hope it will not be shunned by men and women on that account, for part of my plan has been to pleasantly remind adults of -what they once were themselves, and of how they felt and thought and talked, and what queer enterprises they sometimes engaged in.
Page 33 - wildering phantasies Then carried me to see my lady dead. Even as I there was led, Her ladies with a veil were covering her; And with her was such very humbleness That she appeared to say, ' I am at peace.'
Page 461 - he chose and stay as long as it suited him ; nobody forbade him to fight; he could sit up as late as he pleased ; he was always the first boy that went barefoot in the spring and the last to resume

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