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Whitaker & Ray Company, 1900 - Education - 107 pages

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Page 42 - Two triangles are congruent if two sides and the included angle of one are equal respectively to two sides and the included angle of the other.
Page 109 - STORIES OF THE NORTHWEST By HERBERT BASHFORD State Librarian of Washington For Sixth and Seventh Grades This book covers a more extended field than Volume II, and is not strictly confined to the Northwest. Among the interesting stories will be found those of The Black Bear, The Kingfisher, The Clam, The Meadowlark, The Seals, etc., all of which are of interest to any pupil in the West. The illustrations are works of art and true to nature.
Page 109 - For Fourth and Fifth Grades During the short time that this book has been on the market Its sale has been phenomenal. It is pronounced, by all of our leading educators, to be excellently adapted to the work for which it was intended— a supplementary reader in history study in the Fourth and Fifth Grades. Fully two-thirds of the counties in California have this book on their supplementary and library list. VOL.
Page 110 - With 27 Full Page Illustrations. An Intensely Interesting and Instructive Work on Nature Study For the Sixth and Seventh Grades Can the study of Geology be made interesting to the young ? It certainly can when written in the style of this book. It contains some thirty-eight chapters, every one laden with knowledge but all reading like a story book.
Page 110 - Story of Japan," Etc. Illustrated by PN BOERINGER War Artist Correspondent at Manila for San Francisco Papers For the Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grades A timely book for the young. We employed to write this volume a man whose thirty-year residence in the Orient made him thoroughly familiar with the people and their customs. Its thirtyeight chapters, all...
Page 112 - WCDoub 1 00 Lessons In Language Work, by Belle Frazee Net 50 WESTERN SERIES OF PAPER BOOKS No. 1. Songs of the Soul, by Joaquin Miller 25 No. 2. Dr. Jones
Page 109 - HARR WAGNER and DAVID S. JORDAN and others For Fourth and Fifth Grades A companion volume to the above. It contains some eighteen most interesting and instructive sketches of our Western animal and vegetable life, all told in a delightfully flowing style and written by the greatest educators of the West. As a reading book in nature study it cannot be excelled. VOL.
Page 112 - ... SUPPLEMENTARY AND LIBRARY BOOKS Elementary Exercises In Botany, by Prof. Volney Rattan $0 75 Key to West Coast Botany, by Prof. Rattan 1 00 Complete Botany (above, two in one Volume) 150 New Essentials of Bookkeeping, by Prof.
Page 112 - Callfornlans, by David Starr Jordan 25 No. 2. Love and Law, by Thos. P. Bailey 25 No. 3. The Man Who Might Have Been, by Robert Whitaker 25 No. 4. Chants for the Boer, by Joaquin Miller 25 No.
Page 109 - WAGNER Designed Especially for Supplementary Work in HISTORY AND NATURE STUDY In Our Public Schools All Fully and Beautifully Illustrated. Each Volume Contains from Eighteen to Twenty-Six Full-Page Pictures. EXTENSIVELY ADOPTED AND USED IN THE SCHOOLS OF THE PACIFIC COAST VOL. I PACIFIC HISTORY STORIES By HARR WAGNER...

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