Educational Reform: The Task of the Board of Education

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Page 27 - There is searching analysis of human nature, with a most ingeniously constructed plot. Mr. Hope has drawn the contrasts of his women with marvellous subtlety and delicacy.
Page 14 - The whole art of war in its historic evolution has never been treated on such an ample and comprehensive scale, and we question if any recent contribution to the exact history of the world has possessed more enduring value.'— Daily Chronicle.
Page 11 - The time has certainly arrived for a new edition of Gibbon's great work. . . . Professor Bury is the right man to undertake this task. His learning is amazing, both in extent and accuracy. The book is issued in a handy form, and at a moderate price, and it is admirably printed. ' — Times. ' At last there is an adequate modern edition of Gibbon. . . . The best edition the nineteenth century could produce.
Page 23 - General Editor, A. ROBERTSON, DD, Principal of King's College, London. THE XXXIX. ARTICLES OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Edited with an Introduction by ECS GIBSON, DD, Vicar of Leeds, late Principal of Wells Theological College. Second and Cheaper Edition in One Volume. Demy 8vo.
Page 24 - An excellent example of thorough and fresh historical work.'— Guardian. SOME NEW TESTAMENT PROBLEMS. By ARTHUR WRIGHT, MA , Fellow of Queen's College, Cambridge. Crown. 8vo. 6s. THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN HERE AND HEREAFTER. By CANON WINTERBOTHAM, MA, B.Sc., LL.B. Cr. 8vo. y. 6d. 'A most able book, at once exceedingly thoughtful and richly suggestive.
Page 18 - A book which the Elizabethans would have thought wonderful. More thrilling, more piquant, and more human than any novel.
Page 11 - BALLADS OF THE BRAVE : Poems of Chivalry, Enterprise, Courage, and Constancy, from the Earliest Times to the Present Day. Edited, with Notes, by Rev. F. LANGBRIDGE. Crown 8vo, Buckram y. 6d. School Edition, 2s. 6d. ' A very happy conception happily carried out. These " Ballads of the Brave " are intended to suit the real tastes of boys, and will suit the taste of the great majority.
Page 37 - The Cock, The Ship, The Parasite The Lover of Falsehood). Translated by ST IRWIN, MA, Assistant Master at Clifton ; late Scholar of Exeter College, Oxford.
Page 28 - Illustrated. Fourth Edition. THE BROOM-SQUIRE. Illustrated. Fourth Edition. THE PENNYCOMEQUICKS Third Edition. DARTMOOR IDYLLS. GUAVAS THE TINNER. Illustrated. Second Edition. BLADYS. Illustrated. Second Edition. DOMITIA. Illustrated. Second Edition. PABO THE PRIEST.

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