Edwin Booth and His Contemporaries, Volume 5

Front Cover
Brander Matthews, Laurence Hutton
Page, 1900 - Actors

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Page 70 - Then wakes the power which in the age of iron Burst forth to curb the great, and raise the low. Mark, where she stands, around her form I draw The awful circle of our solemn Church! Set but a foot within that holy ground, And on thy head — yea, though it wore a crown — I launch the curse of Rome!
Page 120 - Veterans of the Peninsula, Sunburnt and bearded, charged away; And striplings, downy of lip and chin, — Clerks that the Home Guard mustered in, — Glanced, as they passed, at the hat he wore, Then at the rifle his right hand bore ; And hailed him, from out their youthful lore, With scraps of a slangy repertoire: " How are you, White Hat! " " Put her through !" " Your head 's level," and " Bully for you ! " Called him
Page 24 - stirring event of the season", says the Illustrated London News, was the production of La! Sonnambula; or the Supper, the Sleeper and the Merry Swiss...
Page 90 - I sold a work for 100 that took me six months' hard work to compose, and accepted a commission to translate three French plays at 50 apiece. This work afforded me child's play for a fortnight. Thus the English dramatist was obliged either to relinquish the stage altogether or to become a French copyist.
Page 264 - She is swept away by circumstances, and gives the opportunity for situation, of which she is not herself the climax, and which she does not herself command. And of all the parts which Miss Terry has acted in her brilliant career, there is none in which her infinite powers of pathos and her imaginative and creative faculty are more shown than in her Ophelia. Miss Terry is one of those rare artists who needs for her dramatic effect no elaborate dialogue, and for whom the simplest words are sufficient....
Page 89 - Assurance,' ^300. For that amount the manager bought the privilege of playing the work for his season. Three years later I offered a new play to a principal London theatre. The manager offered me ^100 for it.
Page 237 - Hamlet. Like them he does not merely represent; he becomes, he impersonates, the character he plays. The effect is instant; he is almost never Raymond from the moment he steps upon the stage till he leaves it. His assumption of Sellers is so perfect that at some regrettable points ... we found ourselves wishing that Sellers — not Mr.
Page 151 - into the skin " of Charles I. and Richelieu. By intellect he makes Dubosc a living type, Mathias a haunting recollection. By intellect he produces the effect of masterful decision of purpose, which saves even his worst parts from the fatal reproach of feebleness. By intellect he makes us forget his negative failings and forgive his positive faults. By intellect, he forces us to respect where we cannot admire him. By intellect he dominates the stage. WILLIAM ARCHER : ' Henry Irving, Actor and Manager,
Page 67 - A messenger from the field of Tewksbury." " What was his mission ? " " To bear the news of the defeat of the king's party.
Page 75 - But perhaps the controlling attribute, the one which imparts individual character, color, and fascination to his acting, is the gently thoughtful, retrospective habit of a stately mind, abstracted from passion and toned by mournful dreaminess of temperament. The moment this charm begins to work, his victory as an artist is complete. It is this that makes him the veritable image of Shakspere's thought in the glittering halls of Elsinore, on its midnight battlements, and in its lonesome, wind-beaten...

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