Egypt: its climate, character, and resources as a winter resort

T. Constable, 1856 - 151 páginas

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Página ii - Scotland under her Early Kings. A History of the Kingdom to the close of the 13th century. By E. WILLIAM ROBERTSON, in 2 vols.
Página 75 - ... whilst the night fogs nearly always disappear soon after sunrise. It has been calculated by Mr. Rhind that, " taking an average of six years, at various intervals between 1762, and 1856, from the middle of November until the middle of April, rain appears on about fifteen days and nights, chiefly in January and February ; but on the majority of these, the iall is confined to a few drops, or some slight showers.
Página 87 - ... temperature of the dew-point at Greenwich was 34° 1', in Egypt 50° 8'. The mean elastic force of vapor in Egypt was 0.384, at Greenwich 0.214. In other words, the pressure of the watery vapor mixed with the air was capable of supporting a column of mercury higher by .17 of an inch in Egypt than in England. The mean weight of water in a cubic foot of air in England was 3 grains, in Egypt 4.3 ; but still, owing to the higher temperature, the air was much drier in Egypt. At Greenwich the mean...

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