Ek Onkar Satnam: The Heartbeat of Nanak

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AuthorHouse UK, Aug 22, 2012 - Religion - 520 pages
Ek Onkar Satnam is the essence of Japji Sahib the message of Nanak that emerged as Sikh Religion. Indeed Ek Onkar Satnam is the Heartbeat of Nanak. The entire religion is condensed in these three words EK, OnKAR, and SATNAM. Afterwards whatever Nanak overflowed is for your understanding. Otherwise the message is complete. Beyond dualities, conditionings, and your beliefs lays the realm of Buddhas. Nanak is a Buddha - one who has not only attained to this Oneness with that which is, instead has harnessed this energy field for the transformation of human consciousness. Japji Sahib is the expression of Truth as envisaged by Nanak and occupies a foremost place in Sikh religion. Ek Omkar Satnam is the heartbeat of Nanak and Japji Sahib is the fragrance of the inner flowering. The effort is to harness and present truth that rendered Nanak, Buddha, Kabir, Osho, Krishnamurti, Jesus and Mahabir Enlightened in its sublime and nascent form through this work. Truth is sublime. Truth is beyond religions and even your gods and goddesses. Truth is solitary. Truth is auspicious. Truth is beyond duality. So is bliss or Anand. Truth has nothing to do with Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Jew. Truth is beyond these narrow boundaries. Your conditioning, your values, and your understanding have no correlation with Truth. A Hindu mind listens to that which resonates and strengthens his mind. So is the case with a Sikh, Christian, Mohammedan and other sects as well. You are listening simply to strengthen your mind. Nanak is unique. And he is unique in many ways. Nanak happened before TulsiDas. Social values were declining. Politically that was the beginning of a new era. The message of the masters was losing its inner fabric. Nanaks role was to resurrect all these. Nanak came like a fresh breeze. Look at the earlier scriptures. Valmiki used one meter throughout the entire narration of Ramayana. So too the same one meter Anustup with each composition of four quadrants and two lines each is the meter used throughout the text - the Bhagvad Gita. All this describes one set pattern. Bhagwad Gita is the path of Yoga although different paths of Yoga are explained. And Ramayana is the story of Rama on the platter of Bhakti. Nanak has used different meter in each Pauri. The Japji Sahib does not follow any strict meter of poetry and even the rhyming seems, at places, uneven and incoherent. Besides, sometimes the basic line of thought appears to be intruded upon by verses in between, particularly if one relies solely upon translations and word meanings. This explains that through each Pauri Nanak goes into in-depth message of different systems of transformation used by the masters and paths. Anyone with linear consciousness or one track mind and understanding cannot understand Nanak. Only a master whose consciousness has reached its pinnacle! Or has merged with the ultimate can explain various systems of transformation of human consciousness as interwoven through various Pauris of Japji Sahib. Allow this nectar to ooze into being.

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I would say it is a very good compilation by Taoshobuddha. It is not his original thoughts but extensively copied from other authors . If you read the book titled Ek Onkar Satnam by Osho , ypu will know the truth of my words. He has extensively copied from Osho . Not only, that , Taoshobudhha has boasted during the course of book that he completed this book and two other books within a span of 30 days just by going into silence and through Realization .
Congratulations to him for compiling this book as it will serve humanity in a long way .
Shame to Taishobudhha for copying extensively from Osho and projecting it his own work.
Rating : *****

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I whole heartidly thank the author for this lovely compilation. May God bless you and guide you to write more.

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