El gaucho Martín Fierro: y, La vuelta de Martín Fierro

Lightning Source Incorporated, 2004 - 180 páginas
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The Martin Fierro, the classic argentine poem, has been the subject of studies and discussions ever since the issuing of its first part edition -el gaucho Martin Fierro- in 1873, and there have been many ensuing editions, including some still available, to prove it. This new edition of both parts aims to render a balanced startpoint to the study of the literary piece. This edition is based on the original texts: El gaucho Martn Fierro Imprenta de La Pampa, 1872, and La vuelta de Martn Fierro Librera del Plata, 1879, and includes no less than 535 lexicographic notes, conveniently placed at the bottom of the pages and intended to help the modern reader grasp the exact meaning of the text without obtrusive lengthy interruptions. The notes were made by comparing the critical editions by Eleuterio F. Tiscornia, Ed. Losada, Buenos Aires, 1941; by Carlos Alberto Leumann, Ed. Angel de Estrada, Buenos Aires, 1945; and by Santiago M. Lugones, Ed. Centurin, Buenos Aires, 1948; their own notes compared between them and with the critical edition by Elida Lois and Angel Nuez, Ed. ALLCA XX (Association Archives de la Littrature Latinoamricaine, des Carabes et Africaine du XX Sicle), Paris 2001; with the notes by Leopoldo Lugones in El payador, Ed. Centurin, Bs. As. 1948 (and Stockcero 2004), those of Francisco Castro in Vocabulario y frases del Martn Fierro, Ed. Kraft, Bs. As. 1950, and those of Domingo Bravo in El Quichua en el Martn Fierro y Don Segundo Sombra, Ed. Instituto Amigos del Libro Argentino, Bs. As. 1968.

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